I went to ashland mall today, and their wal mart had the value packs. They were on the end of an aisle. There was a bunch. I bought 3 yoda, 3 anakin and 2 arc. There were anakin and arc when I left. I got 16 figures for $44. The clones are awsome.

I also found some saga figures at target in WV. They had cs anakin, arena mace, hoth han, boba fett, rebel troop, geonosian dooku, acklay obi wan, mynock chewbacca, and a bunch of other ones. I still havent found cinema scenes. Also, TRU had the 4 packs but no hoth. has anyone found that yet I had pretty good findings and if I rated the value packs 1 to 10, a big 10
You cant lose. You buy the yellow or blue clone you get yoda and anakin, if you buy more than one of those you get the clone, and some free extra anakins and yodas and all the extra lightsabers. and the arc and clone is great for building. Well, I hope you all find these. Im out of here.