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Thread: Hoth 4 pack

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    Hoth 4 pack

    Has anyone found this in stores yet? Also, have any of you got yours from I thought they werent to ship for awhile but on TRU it says it will ship in 24 hours. So does anyone have theres from the store or got theres from
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    I haven't seen this one yet but I am looking to pick one up for sure! I was going to pre-order that Jedi 4-pack from but the shipping comes up as $13.00+ USD (!!!) So... I am going to hold off on this until a little closer to the release date if I pre-order it at all.

    FYI: for those who didn't pre-order this; the shipping is only a little over $5 USD on the item, which is why the $13 USD shipping amount seems so ludicrous.
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    No signs of this yet in my area as well. Since the Bounty Hunter pack just came out, I don't expect to see it for another 3-4 weeks. The stores in my area seems to get the new stuff about 3 weeks after someone posts for the first time that they found something new.
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    Havent seen them either. This is the only 4-pack that I am interested in because of the Taun Taun. Will be on the look out though.
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    My TRU has some of these 4 packs. If you want to trade me, PM me and I will get back to you and let you know what I need (Saga figures and some green package LOTR figures).
    I picked this set up the moment I found it. This is by far the best 4 pack exclusive to TRU. I love the new droid and the taun taun is cool. Of course, I collect MOC so...I did not open it.
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    I bought mine online.

    And it is very nice - I was stoked that this came out cos I didn't collect POTF2, so it's fantastic to get my hands on stuff like the Tautaun.

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    So, does everyone want the Tautau with or without broken horn? Does this appeal to you variation hunters out there?

    I'll hook up with one with corrected horn (that is apparently hitting or will).

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    Just got mine today. The entrails are great. But I thought they smelled bad...on the outside.

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    Just FYI, guys/gals: TRU's website now has the Hoth pack in stock and ready for shipping! I just snagged one!


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    I got this today from, was pleasantly surprised, they shipped me a mint one.
    First time ordering SW from them, so I was a bit worried, but glad I did. BTW the set looks great
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