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    I'm with you guys who didn't like Turdge and the IG's... That Turdge could spear the AT-AT thingy with enough force to knock it's head up then have it explode and Turdge not be hurt. C'mon! Then that all the Separatists could move SO fast that the Clones couldn't hit them! I realize they did this for story purposes, but this is the only thing so far to really take me out of the story.
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    Yea I really liked how the clonies are so militarily ept that they can communicate with just hand gestures.
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    I thought it was pretty good. San Hill's voice annoyed me, but it was somewhat similar to the movie so I guess it worked. Durge's eyeholes are much smaller than the comics, how can he see? I liked it, but the victory lance raise at the end was hokey.
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    HE SMILED! Man I loved Kit's Force bubble!
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    Man, those Mon Calamari are ugly in cartoon form!

    Good to see the Mon Cals helping out against the droids. I didn't enjoy the underwater battle so much as the previous battle. Kit seemed to be a one man army down there, destroying most of it. And Kit's smile at the end, I didn't like that too much. Not a great episode, all right was how I felt about it. Tomorrow's looks to be good. Hopefully we get to see some lightsaber battles.
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    Kit kicked butt. He rocked.
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    I thought tonight's episode was just silly, now I hate Kit Fisto more than I already did.

    Only cool part was when that cannon sliced the Republic Ship.

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    I thought tonights episode just sucked. The third was the best. They can do better than that. What does Kit have to do with the storyline of the first four episodes.
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    Chapter 4 was kinda ridiculous. Durge really looks lame, and him using the lance to lift up the front of an AT-TE to make it explode was ridiculous. It's got cannons on it's bottom front, theres no reason they couldn't of shot him.

    Missed tonight's episode though.
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    I thought the first episode was really cool. Obi-wan's line about how even Qui-gon Jinn coudn't have prepared a Jedi for the Clone Wars was cool. It ended very well with the silent exchange between Anakin and Amidala. One of the highlights was the opening series of Clone War images. I laughed out loud and said, "Yes!" when Anakin and Obi-wan jumped out of the gunship landed in the midst of the battle droids. I was also quite fond of Tiin's fighter assault.

    The second episode was just preparation: Anakin had to get his fighter ready, Obi-wan had to stroke the ARC troopers' egos and belittle his padawan.

    The third episode was awesome. ARC troopers don't need ego stroking. The holographic cameo by Obi-wan was a nice touch, providing the only spoken line in the episode.

    The fourth episode . . . hmm. Wouldn't it have messed up everyone's day if the battle droids in Episodes I and II were half as competent as Durge's friends. Clone troopers were showing their eventual slide toward becoming inaccurate Stormtroopers by not being able to hit a bunch of droids that have to come within a few short feet to physically strike them with lances.

    The fifth episode had some of the same problems as the fourth (more lances and mounted combat?). Kit Fisto was just a little too powerful. Again, if Kit Fisto was half that competent in Episode II . . .

    Overall, I've actually liked these cartoons. Some of it isn't so great, but some of it is rather cool. Yes, I do wish they were longer, but more than that, I wish we didn't have to wait so long to see the second half. I can't wait to see Ventress do whatever she can do; some lightsaber against lightsaber stuff would be cool. I don't think it's weird to have the Jedi acting as generals. Creative thinking isn't the issue. Everyone in an army can think creatively, but they still need leadership, someone highly skilled who can coordinate all of the troops into one cohesive task. Jedi are going to be more highly skilled than any given clone, and it makes more sense to have Jedi and clones working together rather than separately, so separate offensives don't impede each other.
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