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    I thought it was really good.I had some reservations about the animation style but it worked out rather well.The voices are pretty good for not having the actors contribute.
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    Yep, loved it, though it was far too short!!! I liked the scene with Dooku and the Quarren. The Republic starfighters were cool, too.

    What was Yoda riding? It sounded like a TaunTaun.

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    Any idea if it'll be aired again? I didn't get to see it.

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    Great stuff!

    3 minutes seemed like 3 seconds though. The kid and I sat and watched it ... he says after it's over, "That's it 'til Monday?" A little bit like getting one lick from an ice cream cone, and then having to wait a few days for another.

    But, I thought it looked great. For something so short it had some nice detail ... Palpatine's clacking nails was great. The ships, scenery, all of it felt very Star Wars. Even heard my wife say, "I'd rather watch this than the movies." I was pretty sure that I'd be happy with it, I love the style, but I'm even a little surprised at how well it works in this case.

    Looking forward to more.

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    I was most impressed with the scene where you see Padme looking out the window, and in the reflection on the window, you can see Anakins ship turning away and taking off for battle. Anakin looked sad. Not sad in animation style, just sad that he had to leave his bride to go off and fight. I'm drooling, waiting for more. I had my son record it, so when I got home from work he had it all set up to play for me! Good son I have there! The sound was excellent too! The Taun Taun like sound from the beast Yoda rode, the Palpatines fingers!
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    As I stated in the poll, I didn't enjoy it very much, and the pacing & legnth of the show were a large part of that. I also didn't dig the artwork or some of the action shots, and Palpi's manipulation was ridiculously heavy-handed (even for a cartoon) probably in thanks to the short time in which to tell the story. I don't know if I'll tune in again on Monday or not.
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    Folks in the UK have to wait till Monday for it to air . I know it's on Hyperspace, but for some reason it ain't playin propperly for me . I never usually have problems playing QuickTim movies, or streaming movies but it's playing up for me . Suppose I'll have to wait .

    I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it to be honest, but I'll still watch it . It could be my little daily fix instead of Episode III spoilers .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turambar
    Any idea if it'll be aired again? I didn't get to see it.
    If you go to you can watch it.
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    I like how Palpy is getting real pushy. Undermining what the Jedi say!!!!!

    ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! Though.
    I won't be able to see it on CN on Wednesday because Smallville comes on at that time. Just will have to wait on the CN website. They'll be out on DVD too, you know they will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scruffziller
    I won't be able to see it on CN on Wednesday because Smallville comes on at that time.
    With it taking up only 3-5 minutes as a timeslot, you can easily click it back to Smallville and still have the full episode.

    I thought the episode was pretty good, 3PO getting hit with the cape was kinda eh but it was alot better than the 3PO jokes in AOTC. It's at least basically what would happen to him in the Droids cartoon. The thing that sucked the most was with that introduction thing, the first episode was way too short. Hope all the episodes don't have them.. The preview for the next chapter looked interesting, and I can see why they made it so short. If you have it go any longer it'll show the entire episode.

    The only thing I really didn't like about it was that Palpy looked...really really screwed up. I guess they just wanted to give him more of a design that would keep people focused.
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