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    Man I miss the Thrill of the Hunt....

    These no new figures droughts suck.

    Even though I can get stuff online, it's just not the same as going figure hunting in the stores.

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    Concur. The only thing I get with any regularity from retail any more is the Lord of the Rings stuff. I'd just love to find Star Wars stuff up here, but other than some odds and ends, Canada's just not getting it. Period. We have to do pretty much all of our shopping online if we care enough to bother.

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    I have been finding stuff left and right in my area lately. The thrill is back IMO.
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    I'm finding lots of stuff, sucks to be you guys.
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    I'm having relatively good luck of late. I've seen every BAsic figure from '03 on more than one occasion the past month.
    Although no one in the town carries Deluxe, even Traget hasn't gotten any in since they clearanced acess packs, and I know since I'm there every day, so lack of clones kinda sucks...
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    I'm also finding tons of new stuff; in fact, I'm pretty much caught up with everything except for the Faytonni wave of which I've only found The Emperor and Vader. Check your Toys R Us' as well; my local TRU surprised me and they had a ton of the Snowtrooper and Han Hoth waves.
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    Although I am not having the best of luck in bi-weekly hunting for two months straight I did manage to find the first set of the Screen scenes, and it was worth the wait. Evan Piell and Poggle are everything I dreamed. Since then I hunt every two days at a Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, a Kay Bee, and a Target. I'm thirsting for the Wat Tambor Wave and the new vehicles. I've seen plenty of collection 1 figs, but not one collection 2 figure in 3 months!

    With that said I still feel the thrill of the hunt. I get discouraged, and frustrated, but I can't wait for that day when I actually drive home with a Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebbor, and Secret Ceremony Amiddala. With that anticipation I can not only feel a thrill, I bath in it!
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    As far as hunting for figures in my area i have been doing mainly by weekly hunting and found to data of 03 Obi-wan, Mace, Tyranus, Amidala, SP_4 & Jn66, Tusken (just found on 9/6 for Amidala, SP and Tusken), Anakin, R2, Lama all bang up all for (also 9/6), Han Hoth, Chewie, Luke, Snowtrooper and C-3P0. I think that the Ephant Mon fig is nothing but a myth.

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    Today we had a new Wal-mart open 15 minutes from me. I went there thinking I'd find some treasure, or at least the new value packs.
    Well in a brand new store they had only April '02 stock, and 10 or so of the new lightsabres. Ouch! I searched a bit for hidden value packs, and nothing.
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    sorry the drought continues in your parts of the world.

    thankfully the UK supplies continue to show up in the US so we have new figures. i've managed to find all the saga figures and some select clone wars items.


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