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    favorite jedi power

    What would be your favorite Jedi power: lightning, grip, object lifting, mind trick, other?
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    This may fall under the catagory of "object lifting", but I'm partial to the power of leveling battle droids with a flick of the wrist!
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    I'd love to be able to move objects with my mind. Imagine how lazy I could be . I could live on my couch, feet up, using the force to bring do all the house work .

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    Out of those choices..Mind trick.No more speeding tickets
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    I'd have to go with Mind Trick. Oh the things I would make people think.
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    Being a Stormtrooper (no, I don't actually believe I'm a Stormtrooper), and being converted to the darkside, I would have to say those lightning bolts like the ones the Emperor had would be nice. You get dumped after 3 years in a relationship, and you could unleash the fury of lightning on the one you used to love. "Three years, and all those dinners and movies and christmas gifts, and this is how you treat me............KABROOM" Not enough to do any serious damage, just enough to leave em in a smoking heap!

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    Mind Trick, would be great. I could make em think I am doing all the others to them.

    Stop choking me........I'm not.

    Stop shooting lightning at me........I'm not
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    Jedi Mind Trick, of course!

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    "No, you will go in the back and bring out that unopened case of LOTR figures for me"

    Oh, that would rule.
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    Impressing hot chicks with my ability to levitate fruitlike objects.


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