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    the beatles to release "let it be" in it's original form

    it has been announced that the beatles will release the let it be album as they originally intended.

    the original idea of the album was for the beatles to get back to their roots, and perform, as well as record an album live, devoid of over-dubs, and studio overworkings that had become their norm with the sgt. peppers album.

    the original title of the album was to be "get back", highlighted by what they had hoped would be a live, in front of an audience performance.

    unfortunately, they couldn't agree on a venue, and the "live" performance ended up being a 20 minute set performed on the roof of their saville road apple headquarters before the police had shut them down.

    i have been in possesion of several different bootleg albums over the years consisting of the original Glyn Johns produced material. (the let it be album was remixed in it's well known form by phil spector, and paul never approved of the final mix), (in fact, he cited this phil spector album as his main reason for disolving the beatles)

    i'm thrilled to finally see this album come to market in the original form that the beatles had intended.

    of course, the reason why it was never released in it's original form, is cause as a group, they felt it was beneath the quality of what the world had come to expect from the band

    the album is to be called "let it be-naked"
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    This is a day that will be remembered, for it has seen the end of the only Beatles album to suck. (Seriously, the production on the original Let It Be is so overblown, I can't even listen to it all the way through.) I've often considered using the single versions (from the Past Masters compilations) and the "raw" versions from the Anthology sets to make my own, but now I can just buy it. I can't imagine anyone picking the original over this once it's available.

    With this getting released, and with Pete Townsend finally finishing up Lifehouse a couple of years ago, maybe Brian Wilson (or someone thinking for him) will put together the scraps of Smile into an album better than that Smiley-Smile mess. I can dream, can't I? :happy:
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    Sweet. Finally a CD worth buying. A new Beatles Cd is always welcome into my collection with open arms.
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    Jeez Paul......ok maybe Ringo needs the money...but you certainly don't........

    .....let it be indeed.......

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    Pity it wasn't Paul that popped his clogs instead of George. Overblown indeed. If I never hear another Beatles song again it will be too soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor Howdy
    Empy Howdy...

    Seeing you post on these forums brings warm feelings to my heart.
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