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Thread: Tarkin Pics

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    So that's the mask, eh ? Looks convincing enough.

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    Yeah, not bad at all. I still say that James Marsters from Buffy would have been better. No need for heavy prostetics there. Just a bit of make-up and hair dye. It's cool that they were able to use Peter Cushing's life mask for to make him look so realistic though. But I have to wonder what Christopher Lee thinks, seeing his old friend again like this. Has to be a bit unsettling.

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    If I were Christopher Lee I'd probably be freaked out . . . partly because I'd be afraid that they would do that for a Gremlins prequel.

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    Being spoiler free I hadn't heard the rumors about Tarkin but that looks AMAZING!

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    For some strange reason...the second pic doesnt look like the first one...

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    WOW, Cushing back from the dead.

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    They look damn good to me. Very cool.
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    I saw those on TF.N this morning and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn... did that creep me out something wicked! I can't wait to see him on screen- even if he's just in a few shots.
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    He even looks a bit old. The legend lives.
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