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    Who posts on other sites in the forums?

    I was just wondering, because it's hard to post on other sites, because Steves set up is the best in the business if you ask me. I do post at other sites sometimes, but do the majority of posting here. If you do post outside of SSG do you use your User Name that you use here? I do, only because It's easier, I have nothing to hide and maybe someone out there will recognize me.
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    No I don't post anywhere but here. That is unless you mean something like the Midwest Garrison boards where I post about events in my Stormtrooper armor. It's basically for those in costuming club but I have to come here to discuss toys and shaving techniques.
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    yes, and my s/n usually is the same......

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    I'm DEDICATED to SSG about 98% of the time...I do hit RS's and POTF2a occasionally.....but I'm ALWAYS DCMc.....

    except on the Adult Friend Finders......I'm CJMcLovehandles on there
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    I mostly post herew, but I am registered with POTF2 and post over there sometimes. I also registered with RS, but have only posted like 2-3 times, I just prefer the setup (and the people) here. Although I do like the setup at

    Oh, I am registered under the same username at the other sites.
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    This is my only forum for my Star Wars interests. Now I do also waste time other forums for work and my other hobbies.
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    I post in several different SW forums including my own. I find different sites are good for different aspects of the hobby...

    And I always use the same user name. - C'mon now... ewoks don't just explode by themselves now, do they?

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    I only post on this Star Wars forum, i occasionally check out others but i dont dig into them too deeply. I like many of the people who post here and cant really think of any flaws this forum has.
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    I post at RS (no where near the amount I post here) and very infrequently at GH. I mostly post under the "What have you found" fourms. I actually found a couple of local traders in person and was able to make a few trades that way. I do go by Dr. Zoltar still because it's much easier to remember than having a different handle on other boards.
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    Yes, I post on the LOTR forum. I am a big LOTR fan...not sure if I like SW better than LOTR. I probably like star wars a little more.
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