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    Question What would you do with an insane amount of monetary obtaining??

    I figured out that if I were to win a large sum of money from the lottery it would have to be several several million. Because not only would I need to set myself up for life but my family and friends. Because, I would not be able to enjoy my money unless the people close to me were available all the time to spend time with.
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    Um, I would buy myself a large section of real estate in Wisconsin, and I would have a life size replica of the Falcon, and a TIE fight built on my land in my backyard, instead of a pool. I would also get some of the high price Star Wars collectibles that I have always wanted but couldn't afford.

    I would also get my mom situated in a house of her own, where she wouldn't have to work. I would also give a sum of cash to my son's mom, to give me custody of my son. She would still have visitation, but I would get to see him more often.
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    I guess first I would pay off bills. The buy a huge house, one with enough room for the collection and family. Buy a nice car. BUy the missingg pieces tomy collection(maybe an entire vintage collection carded and boxed). Buy Angela something nice. Build a house out back for the kids too. Then investthe rest into Hasbro so I could be a senior partner and hire everyone from the board towork there and make the figures we want.
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    I'd keep nearly all of it in a high yield bank account and live off the interest. I have meagre needs and don't want any ostentatios trappings. just a nice comfortable house and garden big enough for the dog to roam safely in. I would of course buy a house in a plot of land that was far from roads and urban sprawl. The fewer people I have to come into contact with the better.
    And I would just continue to buy toys like I do but not worry about having to pay off credit card bills.
    I wouldn't make a song and dance about having pots of cash and i wouldn't be spending it on other people. Not even my family. They all have debts up to their eyeballs but they made their bed so they can lie in it. Why should I get them out of trouble just because I happen to have a fortune? If you can't be responsible with money when you have little then if I were to give them a lot they'd only get into more trouble. They'd pay off debts and then go and max out the cards again and get into more debt.
    If i became a multimillionaire then I'd buy a small island. Build a very very exclusive hotel there and rake it in from the idle rich.
    I would aquire the rights to Sesame street licensing and have Pallisades make a series of figures for me. Then I'd simply give the rights back to the Henson people in a 'random' act of charity. The only proviso would be that I get a job working on the Muppets endeavours. Wouldn't matter what job it was as long as I could work around the muppets.
    I'd fund a dog rescue centre. Employ a vet full time, take all the dogs from the local authority pound due to be destroyed and have them live in comfort on a large re-utilised farm. Acres and acres of green land for them to roam in. But not cats, hate cats, or horses, hate horses. It wouldn't be a kennels it would be a home. Don't believe in caging animals unless they're dangerous.
    I'd open a male 'escort' establishment. Not everyone wants a lady and there's a niche market waiting to be filled. Nothing seedy, tasteful and upmarket. appointment only. expensive.
    That might sound strange to some but everybody has needs and all you need to do is recognise a need and do something that caters to that need. bars and clubs are ten a penny but more refined ways of getting what you want don't really exist so I would be providing a much needed service. A speedy growth area I'll wager given todays growing climate of right wing 'anti' propaganda.
    I would ban collar and tie from any workplace I set up. It's restrictive and impeding clothing. Comfortable smart casuals. I don't believe you have to dress to impress. You dress to keep warm and dry or cool and dry. You dress to preserve your modesty. If people can't see past the superficiality of a bit of sewn cloth then they aren't worth knowing. When employing my minions I would completely ignore their clothing smart or otherwise and simply go on personality. Perhaps i'd conduct nude interviews with prospective employees. It doesn't hurt if you're filthy stinking rich to be unconventional and radical, free spirited and eccentric.
    Strayed there for a second. If I were that rich I'd be fairly content with my life but probably increasingly frustrated with everyone elses.

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    don't we all wish for that! Well maybe some of us don't like our friends and family that much, but I think most of us would want that!
    Actually I would do alot of philanthropy(sp?), but to make sure I still had alot of money comming in inorder to give away, I'd make alot of investments and also start alot of business'. I've always had this great Idea for the movie industry, so I'd start new and risky business like that, but I'd also make sure I started business' that can't fail, like starting or owning things like cemetaries. It's like the old joke, there no way you can go out of business owning a cemetary because everyone's just dying to get in! hehehe hee!
    But, businesses like that where you will always have a large demand for or a solid customer base, businesses like cemetaries, construction companies, accounting firms or tax return franchises, pubs/bars, etc.!
    Ahh, but hell you know I'd have to throw one hell of a "I just won a **** load of money" Celebration, Including a 12 hour marathon of all the Star Wars movies!!! So who has the winning lottery #'s for this week? Let's all pitch in $20 bucks and play the largest lottery pot in the country!!! At the moment the NY state lottery is only at about 15-20 million, but I think the east coast Mega Millions lottery is at about 85-90 mill.!!! Let's play!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    The buy a huge house, one with enough room for the collection and family.

    I like that "collection" came before "family."

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    Let's see, one of the first things I would do is (depending on the windfall) expand the house I live in, or buy an even bigger one, just so I can have a decent display of my Star Wars collection.

    Philantrophy, as The Xir mentioned, seems the way to go. When you die, it is important thing for people to say that "so and so was a good, decent man."

    One of the main things I would do is concentrate on fixing the messed up system used to fund our schools. I would lobby hard to change the ways that dollars are dished out to our public schools. If I can't, then I would donate a good chunk of it to improve a school district like Buffalo, NY, which has seen over 300 teacher layoffs in the past three years, crowded class sizes, and a bare-bones budget that only provides enough to fund the essentials.

    Americorps, a federal program which is like a peace corps for the inner city, would get a major boost in funding (if I am not mistaken, this program was eliminated this year, or saw a drastic cut in funding).

    I'd have a few scholarships out there, aimed for those who don't have the financial wherewithal, to attend my alma mater of Canisius College, a private school in Buffalo.

    The more you give, the more you get in return I believe. It is important to think of others, spend your money before you die, and make a difference in something other than your own life.
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    I would donate a significant portion to medical research. Anything I would buy would only be given away or sold to someone else when I died leaving no true impact on society. Giving a $10 million to cancer research and having that make a difference for every generation to follow would make me happy.

    I would also make a scholarship for the non-minority. I found that being a white male with OK grades didn't qualifiy me for anything. Heck just trying to find a scholarship that a white male can apply for was fruitless. I want to give something to those out there having the same problem.

    After taking care of others I would then turn to myself and buy something completely selfish.

    Just enough room for me, myself and I.
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    First and foremost, I'd give a HUGE portion of it to my folks so they could pay off the house and just retire and relax for a while. I'd prolly then buy a good sized apartment in chicago, one with a huge room for my toys and then i'd get a job that had like 20 hours a week, just to keep myself occupied. I'd prolly then pay off a huge majority (if not all of it) of my school loans. I'd prolly then put some in the stocks and keep earning money from that. It'd be a good good life.
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