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    ....ok, I have doubles of every 4-incher from POTF2 and on (and I mean EVERY fig). I'm a carded collector, and mainly just collect the little guys (I'll pick up something else every once in a while if i like it). Sooooo, my question is how can I display my room? I have a whole room in my house to dedicate to Star Wars, but the problem is that I only have the little guys and they're carded! My friend says I should open my 2nd set and display them, but I think a bunch of loose little guys lined up on shelves is kinda tacky (without vehicles, dioramas, etc. they just look blah!). And if I leave them carded, I wouldn't really be able to display them either (now they're in their shipping boxes). It sucks having sooooo many figs but not being able to do anything with them (I don't want to put 300+ tack marks on my wall to hang them up). Any suggestions? My friend collects more vehicles and scenes, so even though I have more figs then him his room looks far superior. It just feels wrong having about 600 carded figs in my closet (and don't tell me to give them to you!)

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    Have you looked in the photo gallery along the top bar of the page, then gone to "collections"? You will find an abundance of different ways to display your figures, everything from loose to carded to carded w/star cases, from hanging them on a wall, to storing them in upright cases or displaying them on shelves. I like the variety of options each member has chosen to show off the collection. I would say it's up to you, whatever will make you happy. Another thing you have to consider is how much space you have available. Me, I have Star Wars stuff in every room of my apartment. A couple years ago when I had a room mate, I had to keep my entire collection in my bedroom.
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    I agree w/ bobafrett: it's whatever floats your own boat. Put some thought into how you could group your favorites of the favorites and put those suckers together. Do it on shelves if you don't want holes on the wall. Put them in Star Cases if you're concerned about standing/displaying issues.

    The way I arranged mine is just what floated my boat. Sit down with a list and start organizing and just do it. When you're done, show us some pictures


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    Before moving into my new appartment I had a whole room that was SW, and I had every loose figure neatly displayed on countless cedar shelves. I had every packaged figure too, but after comparing packaged display versus loose display, the packaged looked "tacky" to me. It's all about presentation I suppose. If the room is neat and not something pilled over something else it should look good. I would say tear open one of your sets. There is nothing better than cracking open and checking out figures, once you do that I guarantee you will not go back. Loose collectors back me up on this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaff
    There is nothing better than cracking open and checking out figures, once you do that I guarantee you will not go back. Loose collectors back me up on this!
    Oh, no I sense another loose/carded debate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaff
    . Loose collectors back me up on this!
    Who you callin' "loose"? I may be easy, but....

    But yeah, whatever floats your boat, but I prefer the tactile sensation of running my fingers over their little...

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    Like everyone has said its really a personal choice but I can share my opinons and let you know how my collection is set up.

    First I'd like to agree with Jaff on 2 points. For me its all about the presentation and the enjoyment I get when opening my figures is far superior to anything I do with my carded collection. I too have a room dedicated to SW and have chosen to display stuff in many different ways. I like the wallpaper effect and don't mind hanging my carded collection on the walls and up my vaulted ceilings in a very organised manner. The tack holes are nothing a little spackle can't fix when it comes time to move. I also have a few dioramas set up and most of my loose ships are hanging from the ceilings some are incorporated into the dioramas others are just in available areas. The loose figures I haven't used in dioramas are in a large open faced cabinet in cool poses on figure stands. I built the equivilant to bleachers for them to stand on so they're all visible and catogorised them according to what episode the figure is from. The only other thing I have in the room is my computer so I end up spending a lot of time just sitting in my fortress of solitude saturated in SW.
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