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Thread: What are these?

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    What are these?

    I just saw these posted at, anyone have any ideals about what they are?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Here are the Links:

    Thanks again

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    After reading the info on the ones that have the info. I say they are all to good be true. With the fact that only ten of the with luke and five of the one with han and they are to be the vintage one selling at $40.

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    Well I figures what the heck, TRU doesn't charge you for items till they ship, so I pre-ordered all three.
    Should be interesting to see what develops out of these, nice find!
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    I'm actually wondering if these are really the original figures repackaged and resold. As in, not newly-produced figures from the old molds, but old figures in near-mint condition (probably loose) that some company has repackaged and is planning to sell. Note that the company listed is Distributoys, Inc., not Hasbro (or even Kenner!). I don't know how legal that would be, but some of the wording in the descriptions makes me think that this might be the case. At any rate, I'm not interested in re-releases of old toys from 25 years ago, when most of the new versions of these characters are so much better.
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    I have a feeling they might be repacked figures as well.It'll be interesting to see how these a packaged or just left loose.

    I wonder if the company bought some banged-up figures off ebay,stripped them of paint and repainted each one?
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    The description reads like this: They are original figures realeased at the time of the original movies. They are to be packaged in protective cases with bases. That is all they are...they are supposed to be in collectible condition and I assume complete. Cool. Too bad I do not collect vintage.
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    This is weird.
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    An email from Distributoys (who are releasing these) that has appeared on a few other sites has confirmed that these are indeed old loose figures repackaged in a clear plastic case with the correct weapons. Apparantly there are only about10-20 of each being produced, and they've all sold out already. Seems like an incredibly low number for an item listed on Amazon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plo koon 200
    This is weird.
    I agree. I guess it would be kind of cool if they were packed on a new card and bubble, but it sounds like something from e-bay. Very strange.
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    Yes, I agree that this is strange. Banthaholic was fortunate enough to get his preorder in. Maybe he will take pictures for us and post them here when his figures arrive. I am curious to see what they look like.
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