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    Exclamation UCS Snowspeeder pictures available

    Finally there’s some pictures available of the new “Ultimate Collector’s Series” Snowspeeder and it seems that so far it’s being sold exclusively at LEGO Land in Germany since yesterday 20/9/03 but it’s to be sold as a “Shop at Home” exclusive some time in November this year.

    Read about the new “UCS Snowspeeder” in these posts.

    Rebel Snowspeeder pictures:

    10129 UCS Snowspeeder cover picture here…

    Or go directly to the pictures.


    A definitely “must have” in any LEGO Star Wars collection and an exciting new “UCS” set.

    Kindest regards,

    Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...

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    Why is it white?


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