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  • I really like them and plan to bid

    14 3.38%
  • If there were more items, I'd try it

    75 18.12%
  • I totally dislike the concept

    286 69.08%
  • I don't care one way or the other

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    What do you think of Hasbro's Jedi Points Auctions?

    Well items up for auction include:

    a 12 inch Ultimate Jango Fett

    the never-released in the United States Kitik Keed Kak

    Jorg Sacul

    a Toy Fair Vader if I recall right.

    I think maybe they had an Action Fleet item.

    Are you guys going to bid on these items?

    What would you like to see them offer?

    How long is it taking you to cut out all those Jedi Master Points?

    Are you regretting "damaging" your cardbacks?

    Have you worn out your scissors or got yourself some carpel tunnel syndrome?

    Tell us what you think now that Hasbro's started their Jedi Master Points Auctions.

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    I'm not going to bid on anything; I'll keep my points or give them away to someone who needs them more than I do. This is a waste of time IMO; they should have the good old mail away figures like they did back in the day. Many of us have spent thousands of dollars on merchandise throughout the years and I only think it's fair to give something back to the people who make their company thrive. What’s not fair is holding auctions for the select few who have tons of points compared to the average collector. I have close to two thousand points, it should be enough for two or three figures in my books, not the one they have now that should have been offered to the mass public in some sort of way.

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    My vote was that this was really bad. I have already elaborated on the reasons why extenisvely on other threads dealing with this subject matter.
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    I voted totally against it. They excluded a huge margin of fan base. Not the MOC collectors but Canada and overseas. If it was just the MOC collectors, so be it. BUt many people on this board got the shaft. Expand it to other regions and it would be fine. Ifigured I wouldnt be able to bid on anything since I dont have any available points, so it dont bother me. But Jargo, JJ, Pendo and many other collectors got shafted hard. If they change it then fine.
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    I'll save my 600 or so JMP's, since I can't realistically bid on anything unless they have a .05 cent plastic Darth Vader ring. I totally dislike this concept, and I've written to Hasbro stating so.
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    no this can't be!

    OK. This idea is really bad. I cut out all my 810 points and signed on to find the auctions were going for like 10 million bizzlon more points than I have......ummmm........(trash bin clink sound effect, as a bunch of cut-outs swoosh in inner bottom of a trash can).

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    Even with the number of points I have in my possession... I still haven't enough to make an impact in the auction. *sigh*
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    How many do you have JediPartner?
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    Bad Idea

    (1) Totally devalues your figures

    (2) You have to use all of your JMP on one auction,
    then they are gone forever!

    (3) Hasbro should auction items off for money not points,
    even though it finally gives us something to do with them.

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    Sounds like most people agree. I was initially excited about the auction idea, but had no clue that some would get up over 1000 points... let alone 10's of thousands. I only checked them once and was disgusted and have never looked again.

    With the old proofs of purchase everyone had an equal chance to get an item for free. You didn't have to compete with anyone to win one item. Now even if you take the time to cut up all your packages, there is no guarantee that you get anything. Kids who open there items probably have the most points (that is if they kept them), but will easily get aced out by the few open figure collectors who have the money to go out right now and clear out KB toys of their $1.99 figures to build up their JMP's.

    I suggest making the "fan's choice" figures mail away items redeemable with JMP's... I'd be happy then (would finally see an Ephant Mon)


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