View Poll Results: How should Action Fleet items be produced?

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  • With at least 2 figures that can utilize the vehicles

    30 16.04%
  • With metal parts

    12 6.42%
  • With extra figure and accessory packs that compliment the line

    8 4.28%
  • With playsets that interact with the toys

    6 3.21%
  • All of the above

    73 39.04%
  • I could care less

    58 31.02%
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    How should Action Fleet items be produced?

    JediTricks provided this thorough interview with Hasbro and I recommend you CONTRIBUTE TO THE DISCUSSION HERE but I thought we'd want a show of numbers:

    • Who wants metal parts
    • Who wants playsets
    • Who wants extra figures and small accessory packs
    • and who wants it all
    • and who completely does not care

    VOTE NOW and then go to the discussion thread posted above.

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    I rather liked when they came with the two small figures. So that is what I voted for, but it all is for naught since it seems the line has been cancelled for now.
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    I could care less. The line gets in the way of bigger and better things. I'm happy to see it go. While your at it, get rid of the 12" also Hasbro since you have no clue on how to make them!
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    I thought they had put this line "On hold" now anyway.

    I only ever bought one of them - the AT-MT (if that's what it's called, you know, the clone tank), and that was because it seems unlikely to get made in a bigger scale.

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    I'm picky when it comes to the AF. I only buy the ones that I like.

    I have several of the late '90s AF sets, and bought the new X-wing. The blue-colored A-wing intrigues me!

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    Seeing is how I'm not big on Action Fleet, I could care less. But for the people who collect it I'm sorry its been canned.
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    i would love to see action fleet (as well as the entire galoob line) released exactly how how it was before hasbro bought galoob.

    each action fleet vehicle released with 2 figures, the vehicles designed and built with play functions (such as landing gear, opening cockpits and compartments, as well as missle firing mechansims, just as galoob had designed and released the line.

    in addtion to the vehicle line itself, battlepacks should be released containing at least five addtional figures not included with the ships in order to fully compliment the vehicle line.

    if the line can't be released as originally intended, and hasbro insists on releasing the vehicles without figures, then battle packs containing at least 5 or 6 figures should be released in conjunction with the ships.

    this is the way i voted on the poll "With extra figure and accessory packs that compliment the line"

    action fleet was always meant to be played with. i remember when i gave my son his 1st action fleet when he was almost three. i purposly took out the figures before giving the ship to him, for fear that he may swallow the figures. he looked at the a-wing, noticed that there was no pilot, and was quite upset by that. it wasn't until i then gave him the pilot to be put into the ship that his eye's lit up with joy, and he began to fly the ship all over his room, laughing with delight.

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    I voted with the all of the above, although, I don't particulary care for metal parts one way or another. I see a lot of potential for this particular line and do not agree that it should be done as Galoob originally produced it. If they made an effort to scale the ships a little more closely, then we could have a very decent scaled version of the Falcon with great playability and with a decent sculpt and MOST importantly in an affordable price range.
    I would love to see Hasbro release some of the ships in multipacks now that they are doing beautiful packaging on the 3 3/4" scale ships and the 12" line. Who wouldn't drool over a pod race diorama multipack with Anni and Sebulba but also the Mars Guo and Dud Bolt which were never evident on the shelves of my stores? How about a Hailfire AT TE and Geonosian ship?
    The packaging wouldn't take up much of the precious shelf space and it would be an affordable way to collect these ships?

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    I was so hoping that this year would have been the year AF acessory packs focused on Hoth creatures. A wampa would be awesome, as would a Taun-taun, open belly taun-taun, & probe droid.

    I honestly thought I'd finally get the Mon Calamari ship I've always wanted as well. Hasbro killed this lines relaunch before they even launched it. They re-released too many vehicles, and then they wonder why items had poor sales. I didn't see AT-TE, orRepublic 'star destroyer-like ship', or Gunship shelfwarm anywhere.
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    I just realized the other night after I had voted for "With at least 2 figures that can utilize the vehicles" that they also made the little helmet playsets that fold out and each one has a mini playset. They also made those large playsets with the Hoth, and the Death Star and the Yavin Rebel base. I bought 2 of each of those sets. I guess if I had payed closer attention I would have gone for "With extra figure and accessory packs that compliment the line", or "All of the above".
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