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    Survey/Focus Group has an opt-in list giving Action Online affiliate sites registered community members a chance to get in on surveys and focus groups that manufacturers want us to do occasionally.

    If you opt-in and participate in any, you would be compensated (usually with collectibles - but who knows). They are only going to let a few hundred into this group, starting with any eager registered users who would like to join. I'll probably remove this post within a few days. Feel free to read further by clicking here.

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    Thank you for sharing this, I'm sure some people here might be interested in signing up.
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    I'm in. Thanks, SirSteve.

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    Yeeehaaa! Jargo's in so saddle up posse!

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    Count me in.
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    I'm there.

    A while back I participated in one of Beckett's Sports cards surveys and they gave me 3 months free of an online price guide.
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    I'm signed up.
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    Sweet, I'm in!

    Thanks for the info SirSteve!

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    Me too!

    Can't wait!
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