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    Question Arc Trooper Range-finder issue...

    I was just curious if any other loose figure collectors have had a problem with the range-finder falling off of the ARC Trooper's helmet. I'm afraid I'm going to lose this piece if I don't get some rubber cement for it!
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    Mine is FAIRLY stiff with up and down movements. Due to the very short peg, it does easily come out with the slightest effort to get it out, though. Perhaps it varies figure to figure.


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    I had to glue mine. With the kids around, it was glue it or loose it.

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    Thanks gents... I'm glad it wasn't just mine. Stupid Hasblah. How many range-finders have they put on the Fetts without any trouble...? Jeez!!!
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    Yeah its a problem with all that I've opened as well (4 total). I thought I might glue mine too but then you lose the ability to change the position of the range-finder. I've already had 1 go flying accross the room when opening the package and another fell off onto the floor when I was moving the figure around. Luckily I found both but they're all loose and I just know I'm going to lose one at some point.
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    Yeah, my ARC Trooper's range-finder pulled right out the first time I tried to move it. Also, his shoulder paldron refuses to stay on, and that skirt isn't too thrilled about staying on, either. Thanks a lot for yet another cruddy Clone Wars figure, Hasbro! If you touch it, it self-destructs!
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    Yep, nearly lost both mine, too!
    I've stored them in a sealed plastic bag to avoid losing the in the future.
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    Mine fell off too. I guess that's a price you pay for being an opener...

    (though I now have one carded and it will stay that way.)
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