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    Angry Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    This makes me very upset. I have been wanting a sequal to my most favorite Final Fantasy of all time. I even had hope because of Final Fantasy X-2. But it comes to this.

    Final Fantasy VII The Movie
    It's come to this.

    September 25, 2003 - In an odd twist, all those rumors of a Final Fantasy VII sequel from Square Enix have proven true. Is it for the PS2? Is it for the PSP? Is it for the Atari 2600?
    No, no and (thinking...) definitely no.

    The upcoming issue of Japan's Jump Magazine, a popular comic magazine that every now and then contains exclusive world-reaching videogame announcements, contains first information and pictures from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This new product isn't a game -- it's a direct-to-DVD computer graphics movie.

    As the name may imply, FFVII: Advent Children is a successor to the FFVII storyline. While few solid details have been revealed, it's known that the story takes place two years after the events of FFVII (note: we're not sure which "end" is being referred to -- the end of the events involving Cloud and his silent commrades, or the end involving the Red XIII dude). Something happens to disturb the peace that was returned at the end of FFVII. Images revealed from the DVD seem to show Cloud and Sephiroth, but that's about it.

    A Japanese release is scheduled for 2004. No word yet from Square Enix regarding a possible stateside release of the product. The images included in this article's media page were scanned by some folks in Japan who have access to the issue of Jump ahead of time.

    Square Enix will be unveiling more information on their upcoming products tomorrow. Stay tuned for what could be more details on this DVD.

    Here are the pics -


    This is such a let down. I really wanted a game, not a movie. It will be cool to see, but why? With our luck it wont even come to the US.
    Bad Panda, No Bamboo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I hope that comes to the U.S.

    Otherwise, hopefully someone will take the time to subtitle it and ship overseas.


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