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    Thumbs up Official Site previews the new 2004 figures

    Apparently there will be a small line of figures based on the Clone Wars animation. They will be Target exclusives.

    They also have the pictures for the Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight), R2-D2 (with Drink Tray) and R1-G4. Artoo's drink tray and serving arm are removable. The sculpt appears to be based on the ever popular Artoo-Detoo with Leia Hologram sculpt.

    Pictures of the new Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise), Shawda Ubb, J'Quille, Elom, Luke Skywalker (Hologram), Jabba the Hutt and a three pack featuring B'Ommar Monk, Bubo & Wol Cabba****e will be posted next month.

    Click the link to see!!!
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    Holy!!! I love the new Luke Jedi! WOW!! Star Wars looks to be back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rherk
    Holy!!! I love the new Luke Jedi! WOW!! Star Wars looks to be back!
    I know the folks who aren't fans of the soft goods cloaks are gonna make cracks at it but the head sculpt is probably one of the best Mark Hamill likenesses I have seen in this scale. I hope they don't muck it up on the production copies.
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    I am normally a fan of plastic. However, it looks good. I am satisfied. I can't tell whether the cloak is black or a dark brown. I hope it is a dark brown.

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    I'm not a big fan of softgoods because the softgoods clash with the details of a given figure. But lately Hasbro has been getting really good intergrating soft good characteristics: Yarael Poof is a very good example. The new Luke is very exciting. His soft good cape is reminicent of the vintage Luke, and he is going to be cool! The thing that excited me the most was R1-G4 and the list of upcoming quarter 2 figs. J'Quille, and Elom!!!!!!!!!
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    I like the look of most of them except R2-D2 and Garindan, I don't think we needed another version of Garindan so soon, I would much rather have seen something that has not been produced. (i.e. Cloud Car Pilot) R2 will be great for those who want to build the Barge Diorama, but for me something just doesn't sit right with him and I can't put my finger on it yet. I also hope Luke's Jedi cloak will not be so bulky looking when he hits the pegs.

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    This is an exciting time to be into Star Wars toys! I must say, the begining of the Saga line was very upsetting. Preposed and action features with less quality plastic figures made me focus on other toy lines for awhile. But it's apperant that Hasbro is listening to it's fans.

    A new Lando Skiff! Awesome! Now if only they made a new Luke and Han Stormtrooper, I'd be in Star Wars heaven.

    I just hope when ep. 3 roles around, Hasbro doesn't start getting crazy again. Don't change a good thing.


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    Well, as a non fan of soft goods, I cannot really complain - when the cloth makes sense, fine. I have no issues with the new Jedi Luke, and as someone stated, it has a very vinatagey feel - could not ask for more. All in all, a very cool announcement

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    AWESOME, to bad I'll never be able to find them..

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    Gracias for the link!! These figures look great!

    I don't know how I feel about the "Target Exclusive" figures though. Those should be REALLY fun to find.
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