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    Carded Pics Of Escape Pod C-3PO

    You can find carded pics of escape pod C-3PO over at GH, I think this is going to be a most welcomed item to the collection.

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    Looks pretty nice, though it appears Hasbro is moving away from the old "metallized" body. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. It should keep the paint on a bit better, but he'll likely be the new flimsy plastic.

    2004 looks to be a great year so far! :happy:
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    The best thing about it is actually the new card size. Ultra for sure.
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    I liek this piece. I have to say that I am pumped for Star Wars once again, I said this in another thread. So far there is alot of stuff that I like, awesome news this morning.
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    Looks great. The C-3PO's really nice, but the real draw to this set is the fantastic Escape Pod. Definatly more then worth the $9.99 SRP. 2004, the best year ever!!

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Have they actually set a price for the Ultra figures? Will they be taking the place of the "deluxe" figures then? Oh, so many questions.

    I DO like the escape pod although I wish there was a little more in the way of paint application on the inside of the pod. Threepio is quite obviously from the Droid Factory mould. Not terrible but not terribly good, either.
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    !!! Star Wars Toys are cool Again !!!

    Yeah, indeed, the Pod alone is pretty dang sweet.

    The line is REALLY coming around now.

    R1-G4 (Beyond amazing, top notch!)
    R3-PO (How awesomely unexpected!)
    All the Hoth stuff. . . (esp. the "ice cave" pieces)

    Yesirree, I couldn't be more excited!

    (Unless --- of course --- the frigging Sandcrawler were
    FINALLY picked up to put an end my unending misery.)

    C'mon world! R1-G4 will desperately need a home!

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    I'm kind've wondering why they have rehas Han, Leia and the ealry '03 Tusken pictured on the back of the card, seems odd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banthaholic
    I'm kind've wondering why they have rehas Han, Leia and the ealry '03 Tusken pictured on the back of the card, seems odd.
    Probably because they're from ANH, like this C-3PO. He looks very cool, though.
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    Man 2004 is blowing away any expectations I may have had.

    I can't wait to start picking some of this stuff up.
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