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    Tusken Raider can't keep his head.

    I'm so mad, I'm seeing red. After close to six months of not finding anything I went to Target today and found some new figures, one of which was the Tusken Raider Tatoonie Camp Ambush. Well I got home and opening the figures when I discovered the %^*#@ Tusken was put together wrong. The magnet that hold the head to the body has the wrong polarization, in other words its a North pole to a North pole (or South to South). So there is no to set the head on the body without holding it. There's no way to find this error without opening the package. How cheap labor could screw this up is beyond me at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LusiferSam
    How cheap labor could screw this up is beyond me at the moment.
    You just answered your own question. Basically the magnet got inserted upside down. Either glue the head on, or pry out the magnet and reverse it. Or you could take it back for exchange, or call Hasbro to see if they will replace it. Congrats on actually finding something though.

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    I would take it back to get a refund and get another raider, if they don't have the raider get another one. I have two of these figs, and even though the magnet is not strong, it still does the trick and I love these figs. Be warned, the Waitress Droid is worse, she can't keep her wheel at the base at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm sure that some screwball variation collector out there will pay you kindly for your discovery. Check Ebay.

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    This does not surprise A** labor! I have a tusken that you can buy off me for actual cost (plus s&h) if your target ran out of them. Just PM me if you're interested. If I were you, I'd seek a refund.
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    Boy, times like this make me happy i am a carded collector. It would infuriate me if that happened to me. Feel bad for ya buddy. Go to Hasbro and lay the smackdown
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    Have you tried staples?
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    I have this figure and the head is very hard to remove. The one you got must have had the magnet inserted wrong. Do you build Diromas? If so you could lay this poor soul outy as one of Ani's first kills!
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    Good idea, Bobafrett. Might be easier than to go through the hassle of explaining the problem to a Target employee.

    I also have an extra carded Tusken. PM me if you want it at cost + shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid
    I'm sure that some screwball variation collector out there will pay you kindly for your discovery. Check Ebay.
    There's no way to know Stillkid, and an opened variation or error is worthless to collectors. But I'd do what JJB said. take the mag off and turn it around. I know you really shouldn't have to do that, but things happen and if I was paid pennies a hour I wouldn't care either.
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