I did a search for ReBoot on this part of the forums, and I can't believe I got no results. What did others here think of this cartoon? and is anyone upset by the fact that we'll likely never get more episodes due to changes made at Mainframe Entertainment?

This cartoon had the most unique concept I've ever seen, and almost every episode that wasn't rolling-on-the-floor hysterical was exciting or offered at least something that was awesome. It always had tons of crazy references, like in The Episode with No Name (my favorite), which had a little city inspired by Mos Eisley, complete with Stormtroopers and a cantina with a crazy band. That same episode referenced The Last Starfighter (Gun: death blossom mode!), The Six Million Dollar Man, and any number of other genre and non-genre sources.

My friends and I were absolutely ecstatic when "Season IV" was announced, and we were quite pleased with what they had of the conflict with Daemon, however, we did have our problems. We were unhappy seeing the conflict with Daemon end so quickly. "Season IV" (and I put quotation marks around that, because Reboot: Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs were two movies, which were seperated into smaller episodes referred to as the fourth season) went eight total episodes and the first four of those dealt with the super chron virus Daemon and her attempts to spread "The Word" around the net, and the second four dealt with a second Bob who shows up, and at first is apparently a copy of our good Guardian 452, aka Bob. These last four episodes were probably the four weakest episodes of the entire series, and they only added a little backstory to the Matrix family, Enzo and Dot. I would have much rather all eight episodes show the conflict with Daemon, which was a far superior story, and was not done service by comprising only four small episodes (the build up to Daemon was at least a season and a half long). We were also extremely unhappy My Two Bobs ended on a cliffhanger, because of course that means we'll never get even that story finished for us.

Anyway, guardians; keytools; systems; Wizards, Warriors, and a Word From Our Sponsors were all good things, and I definitely miss this show. Anyone else?