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    Clone Wars carded images Ventress, Durge, Mace, and Obi-Wan

    Thought I'd share these carded images of the next round of Clone Wars figures.
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    Those are cool pics. thanks for sharing them. I really think all 4 of these look good. The obi wan and mace remind me of the figures from POTJ like jedi training qui gon, and snow gear obi wan. and I liked those. Its fun to see them in outfits not in the movie. But on ventresses box, it says sith apprentice. after reading the comics and hearing about her, I thought she wasnt sith or jedi. I cant wait to get her and durge. and I really like the mace. Some dont like it but I think its cool. so far I am enjoying the clone wars figures
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    The Obi-Wan figure looks very good. The rest I can easily live without.

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    I do not like the Clone Wars figures, but Durge and the dark Jedi are nto bad. I will try to pick them up.
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    Those look excellent; i can't wait to get mine!! That is a very good Obi-Wan sculpt!! Way to go hasbro!!

    I do love the fun with Photoshop though they are using; adding on this "gear" to the pic of Mace..hehehehheheeh
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    I might pick up that Obi-Wan, in fact I definitely want him.

    The other 3 are laughable.

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    Agreed Caesar, Obi looks good, but Mace is so ridiculous looking with that neck. I will try and get them if I ever see em.
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    These all look pretty good. Wave 1 is very abundant in my area (but not in the Wal-Mart bonus packs, grr), so hopefully these will be easy to find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_Master_Guyute
    I do love the fun with Photoshop though they are using; adding on this "gear" to the pic of Mace..hehehehheheeh
    Yeah, I was kind of laughing at that myself. At least with Mace his head sort of fits the body. Obi-Wan's head is just kind of floating there.

    I'll wait to see these figures in person before I decide. I've been impressed with the quality of the three that I have, so I'm hoping it'll continue. Asajj looks cool enough, though I'm kind of wondering why her paint doesn't match the illustration very well. (Eh, we'll see I suppose.) Obi-Wan looks pretty good, as good as Obi-Wan will ever look. His figure always ends up looking like some other guy with a beard ... the head is always too narrow or something. Mace has a long neck or at least it looks that way because he's bald. Other than that, it looks like a good figure. All of the other Mace figures of late have been terrible, so I'll be happy to see this one.

    I still hate the Durge thing, which is pretty funny considering how much I'm digging the rest of the Clone Wars toys. I'll probably pass on Durge. Does it look like he has very limited articulation anyway? Looks like his knees and elbows are fixed.

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    Wonder if these will come in WalMart value packs as well.......

    (....meesa like free clones! )


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