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    Yep, X3 is planned for 2006. Long ways off, but then there is plenty of Marvel Movies between now and then to keep us busy. Beast and Angel definatly need to be included, being original team members from 616. Gambit probably will get included also. Since he was cut from X2, same as Beast (furry), and Angel.

    And thanks, I love that quote.

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    As long as Gambit, furry Beast, and Angel are in I will be happy. Ohand Collossus needs a much bigger part.
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    I think I'm with JJB on the idea of a Wolverine movie. While not totally opposed to the idea I don't want it to take away from X3 getting produced. I love the character but I'm more interested in seeing the whole team rather than just one character in the spotlight.

    I'm a huge Colossus fan so I'm hoping he will appear more in the next sequel as well as the Beast (furry of course). I know it will probably never happen, mainly because of Hugh's size in comparison to the size of Wolvie in the comic, but how cool would it be to see a "fastball special" in the film. If Angel appeared in X3 I'd be highly disappointed if he had his metal wings in place of the original feathered ones. Especially if they made him out to be a Weapon X project instead of telling the story of how he really got them from Apocolypse.
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    Going with what EP posted, i would think that it wouldnt be too hard to replace certain mutants with others. I feel X-men movies would be the most likely Marvel movies to succeed given that there are many different mutants that could be used. As for Halle Berry, my opinion is that since she won an Oscar she doesnt want to be in a supporting role any longer. Hence her lack wanting to be in further X films.
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    Definitely gotta get more of Collossus in X-3 to go with Beast and Gambit. The scene in the mansion in X2 just wasn't long enough.

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    Some more news from Sci-Fi Wire on X-3. It does appear that they are going to go the way of the 'Dark Phoenix' story. And that McKellen is eager to appear. The worst news out of these two reports, is the fact that they're considering giving that Drama Queen that doesn't understand an ensemble picture, a movie of her own. Just so they can sign her for X-3. The drama queen and the movie, Halle Berry and Storm: The Movie.
    McKellen Eager For X-Men 3

    Ian McKellen told SCI FI Wire that he's planning to reprise the role of Magneto in a proposed third X-Men movie—mainly because he just saw the second film, X2, on DVD and liked it more than he expected. "I'm going to talk about it tonight to [director] Bryan Singer," McKellen said before the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King premiere in Los Angeles on Dec. 3. "I've only just seen [X2] on DVD, because I was fearful that I wasn't going to enjoy it as much as the first, and I enjoyed it more."

    McKellen added, "I e-mailed [Singer] and said, 'Are you making number three, and am I going to be in it?' And I sent the same thing off to the writers [Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and David Hayter]. And positive replies came back. So I've made sure Bryan's got a ticket for tonight, and Michael Dougherty's got a ticket for tonight. So I'm doing my best. Here I am in Hollywood, I'm working the system."

    McKellen will be on view as Gandalf in The Return of the King, the upcoming third Rings film, which opens Dec. 17.
    Donner Reveals X-Men Plans

    X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner told SCI FI Wire that she's juggling several related projects, including the upcoming third X-Men movie and possible spinoffs centered on Hugh Jackman's Wolverine character and Halle Berry's Storm. She also confirmed spoiler speculation that the third film will deal in part with Famke Janssen's Jean Grey and her apparent transformation into Dark Phoenix, which was foreshadowed at the end of the previous film, X2.

    "Will Famke [return]? Yes," Donner said in an interview on the Los Angeles set of her next film, Constantine. "And you know we have to [do the Dark Phoenix storyline]. We kind of left that out there. So we have to follow that thread, along with some other stories. Yeah."

    X2 writing partners Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty are drafting a script for X-Men 3, and Donner said that producers are trying to nail down deals with cast members and director Bryan Singer. "We're also going to develop a Wolverine movie at the same time, but it won't come out until after X3," she said.

    Oscar winner Berry has expressed reservations about returning to the franchise unless her Storm character has a lot more to do. "We have to just make sure that she's used well," Donner said. "We have a great, great, great storyline for her. Or maybe we'll do a Storm movie. Who knows? I don't know."
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    Halle Berry should consider herself lucky to be part of a quality franchise as well recieved as X-Men but instead all she can think about is being in the spotlight. I say cut her egotistical *** from the project altogether and bring in another X-Man. Her acting was the weakest of everyone in the films anyways, remember her accent that was present in the first film but mysteriously dissapeared in the second even though both films take place in a span of a month or so. She also had the worst line in the films as well, "You know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning, same thing as everything else", what the hell is that supposed to mean, lame. As far as the character of Storm not being present I can take or leave her and there are plenty of other worthy characters that could take her place. IMO she is one of the most overrated actors of our time and her oscar speech a few years ago was such a load I almost lost my dinner listening to it. Wake up Halle you're overexposed and this film can go on without you. Go make a sequel to Gothika or Monsters Balls and leave our X-Men films the way they're intended to be, ensemble pieces
    Talk Show Host Interviewing Joker: “Your said to have only killed about 600 people Joker. Now don’t take this the wrong way but I think you’ve been holding out on us.”

    Joker: “I don’t keep count. I’m going to kill everyone in this room.”

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    Magneto definitely needs to be in it again, afterall there was a nice cliffhangar with him, Mystique and Pyro leaving together at the end of X2. I hope they would cover that some more, glad McKellen's at least more than willing to do it.

    Think for X3 they'll make a new Prof. X chair instead of leasing that last one?
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    Ugh! Halle Berry is a terrible "Storm", she plays the part totally meek, like she's a battered woman in mid-flinch throughout most of her scenes; she's a primadonna that offers very little to the part. I am quite sure I could take the names of a dozen seasoned actresses, dump 'em in a hat, pull one of those names out of the hat, and that woman would do a better job at playing the part and treat it more gracefully than Ms Berry. I was so shocked coming out of the theater at how much whining she made about her part in X2, she was in the damn film too MUCH yet she wanted more! Somebody please tell Ms Berry to just step aside and let a more appropriate, more appreciative actress take over the role before it's too late.
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    After seeing the Martix Revolutions I want Jada Pinket Smith as Storm. She has a much better intensity and stronger screen presence than Berry.

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