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    Exclamation 'X-3' & 'Wolverine: The Movie' News!! (spoilers)

    9.27) UPDATED EXCLUSIVE: FOX Wants More Of Hugh!

    We've just recieved word, that 20th Century Fox is looking to sign a two-picture deal w/ X2 actor, Hugh Jackman. Although few of X2's actors are already signed to return, Hugh is the only original cast member, that is being offered a new deal, for two films. Though the exact price is unknown, we hear that the full price could equal to around $20 million. The two-picture deal would include X3, and a possible WOLVERINE spin-off film. Or, should Wolverine not appear in X3, then it would go towards two WOLVERINE films...or vice versa!

    FOX is already in the planning stages of the possible spin-off, and are looking to grab Hugh and Kelly Hu, and possibly, Tyler Mane for the project. The film may also prove to be an alternative to X4. The one thing the studio is having problems with, is finding a way to keep the entire principle cast together, but when you have a cast of 13+ actors, things can get complicated.

    Should X3 not move forward as quickly as they hope, then WOLVERINE will take it's place, says sources. A representative at FOX says: "X3, right now is quiet. No meetings have taken place, regarding the third film, but may begin in 2004. A Wolverine film, is also on our to-do list, but is in the same boat, as X3."

    Stay tuned to X3M, as we will try to update on this story, should more information become available! Updated: Just a few tiny edits.
    Dear god. I'm happy that there starting to get things in gear for X-3. Especially with how X-2 ended. They better include Beast and Angel in X-3 though, especially with Jean seeming deceased now would be a good time to call in a new mutant doctor to take the reigns around the school. And Warren's gotta be in there also. Just to be fair to the old school fans. And it better be Furry Ape-Like Beast and Classic Feather Winged Angel.

    But to get back to my rant, a Wolverine-centric movie? Dear god why must we suffer such things. The character is already way too popular, overhyped, and I dislike the character on so many levels. He's turned everything he appears in, be it the movies or the cartoons, hell even the toys based on both into 'Wolverine and his X-Friends'. I really wish the spotlight would shift to encompass all the character equally, instead of the Adamantium Canuck.

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    Jar Jar my good gungan friend, the basis that he is the most popular of the X-Men crew should've given you some warning to conceive that there would be a Wolverine movie, it was only a matter of time, my friend. I would be curious to see who could direct such a feature, cos i don't think Singer would do it, as he'd be busy with other projects. I just hope for X3, wolverine stays with the group. Maybe have him branch off after X3.

    As for the Beast debate, patience, dude, patience, hasn't Singer said he wants Beast?!? He'll get him....eventually! I'd LOVE to see Archangel. My lord, that would be awesome! Cheers!!
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    I know, but I hate how popular the 70's throwaway adamantium canuck has become. He dominates anything. It's just too much, seriously. Especially the way he has to be included in every wave of X-Men figures. Cripes, skip him every other wave. That's why it's called, 'The X-Men'.

    And yes, I know that Singer has said since X1 that he keeps trying to get Beast in there, and that everytime there is make-up or special effects issues that prevent his inclusion. Just glad that they gave him atleast a cameo in X2. Though I want more, especially since the novel had his blue furry form manifest due to Xavier's Dark Cerebro.

    And as for Warren, he was also supposed to be in X2. But they were going to give him his terrible metal wings, instead of his much cooler feathered ones. There are even pictures of his metal wings on the walls of the Weapon X base when Wolvie and DeathStrike are fighting. So he was planned to be a metal winged Weapon X project.

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    Hugh Jackman rocks, I'd love to see him get his own set of Wolverine films.

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    He just better get that suit of his on with the mask!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Hugh Jackman rocks, I'd love to see him get his own set of Wolverine films.

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    Wow. That sounds really, really, really cool. I think I'll need to gratuitously punch someone and wail on guitar now.

    Hopefully a certain spunky mutant teenager with questionable fashion sense will show up in the solo Wolvie movie. I think y'all know who I mean. :happy:
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    Kelsey Grammer to play Beast in X-3!!!!

    Just read it on IMDB. Interesting choice.....Grammer definitely has the intellectual voice for the character, but it's tough to imagine him in action sequences. Also mentioned in the article is the inclusion of Juggernaut as one of the evil mutants. Just hope we also get more of Collossus in action in this one.

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    Re: Kelsey Grammer to play Beast in X-3!!!!

    If true, this is a terrible choice. Beast's power isn't his intellect, it's his superior agility and acrobatic ability. Kelsey Grammer definitely doesn't have either of those.
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    Re: Kelsey Grammer to play Beast in X-3!!!!

    I actually think it's a great choice for it. Why? Because of his voice. He has a great voice to play out Beast and quote poets and make others feel stupid. And in movie world, anybody can have super strength and agility.
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