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    Re: 'X-3' & 'Wolverine: The Movie' News!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Turambar
    My hopes for X3 have certainly increased with this news.
    Me too. Storm was probably the only thing I didn't like in the X-flicks. I agree, good riddance!

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    Re: 'X-3' & 'Wolverine: The Movie' News!!

    YAY! The Berry has been picked out. X3 is gonna be awesome. I am looking forward to this movie and am glad to see the great actor Ian McKellan coming back. Hugh Jackman better return! Or else.......
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    Re: 'X-3' & 'Wolverine: The Movie' News!!

    X3 should be great! I hope Iceman turns into Ice!

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    Re: 'X-3' & 'Wolverine: The Movie' News!!

    Sounds like Joss Whedon may possibly be approached for directing X-3. He's currently doing a bang up job on Astonishing X-Men, and clearly has a lot of respect for the characters from how he writes Beast, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Shadowcat, and Wolverine. I think he'd be a good choice. Here's the news from Superhero Hype, Coming Soon, and even AICN.
    Whedon Would Love to Direct X-Men 3
    Source: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 has broken the news that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" creator Joss Whedon is interested in taking on X-Men 3... got a chance to talk to Joss Whedon about the rumors that he may be interested in taking on X-Men 3, now that Bryan Singer is out of the picture. Whedon says that nothing has been offered to him for "X3," but if offered, he would LOVE to do the third film (hint, hint Fox!).
    Joss Whedon on X-Men 3, Buffy & Angel
    Source: Andrew Weil Wednesday, August 11, 2004 got a chance to talk to Joss Whedon about the rumors that he may be interested in taking on X-Men 3, now that Bryan Singer is out of the picture. Whedon says that nothing has been offered to him for "X3," but if offered, he would LOVE to do the third film (hint, hint Fox!). On the comics side, Whedon is writing "Astonishing X-Men" right now for Marvel.

    Whedon has been an online fan favorite to replace Singer in the director's chair. Singer is directing Warner Bros.' new Superman adaptation instead. 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios still have X-Men 3 scheduled for a May 3, 2006 release date.

    Also, Whedon tells us that he is interested in doing a "Buffy/Angel" film as well, but he knows that Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz wouldn't want to participate in the feature. He adds that the "Buffy" animated series is still in the planning stages.

    Whedon is currently directing Serenity, an adaptation of his Firefly TV series, for Universal Pictures.
    Joss Whedon Talks To Hercules About X-MEN 3!!
    I am – Hercules!!

    I finally got to meet Joss Whedon yesterday. I can’t tell you everything we talked about – yet. But here’s one of the most interesting parts I can relay:
    “I have not been offered [“X-Men 3”]," said Whedon. “Would I like to make an X-Men movie? That’d be *****in’. I actually really like those actors and I really like those characters and there’s a lot that could be done with it and it’d be a romp. But I’m not setting my sights on that, I setting my sights on exactly one thing, which is [Whedon’s feature directorial debut, “Serenity.”]

    “Serenity” wraps principal photography in about 10 days.

    Would the folks at Marvel like to hire Whedon? “Major Tom” sent in this snippet of an IGN Filmforce interview with Marvel Enterprises head Avi Arad from February:
    IGNFF: At one point, wasn't Joss Whedon up for (Iron Man)?

    ARAD: Joss Whedon never wrote a draft of it. We wished! Believe me, we tried very hard, but he got busy with Firefly.

    IGNFF: Are there any hopes to tap him again at some point for another project?

    ARAD: Oh yeah! We're going to land him… He's a tough cookie, but we'll get him.
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    Re: 'X-3' & 'Wolverine: The Movie' News!!

    As long as the exponential increasing of Jubilee's roles in the films continues, I'm in.
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    Re: 'X-3' & 'Wolverine: The Movie' News!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellboy
    Halle Berry should consider herself lucky to be part of a quality franchise as well recieved as X-Men but instead all she can think about is being in the spotlight. I say cut her egotistical *** from the project altogether and bring in another X-Man. Her acting was the weakest of everyone in the films anyways, remember her accent that was present in the first film but mysteriously dissapeared in the second even though both films take place in a span of a month or so. She also had the worst line in the films as well, "You know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning, same thing as everything else", what the hell is that supposed to mean, lame. As far as the character of Storm not being present I can take or leave her and there are plenty of other worthy characters that could take her place. IMO she is one of the most overrated actors of our time and her oscar speech a few years ago was such a load I almost lost my dinner listening to it. Wake up Halle you're overexposed and this film can go on without you. Go make a sequel to Gothika or Monsters Balls and leave our X-Men films the way they're intended to be, ensemble pieces
    I couldn't agree with you more. I myself an an actor and have played many supporting roles and I don't feel like I always have to be the star of everything. Acting should be about telling a story. Just because she won an Oscar does not mean that she needs to be the star in every single movie she is in. Perfect example, the dreaded Catwoman that just came out. Ok, I could tell that this was going to be a flop the instant I saw the trailer for it. She certainly picked the wrong movie to try and launch a franchise from. As for her having her own Storm movie, uh what would be the point? The character is not strong enough to have a movie of her own, and personally I never really like Storm all that much in the comics. They can easily get rid of the character for the 3rd X-film for all I care, there are plenty of other X-Men they can use. I for one would like to see Gambit, Angel, and Beast. I would also like to see Iceman "ice" himself up like in the old comics.

    As for a Wolverine spinoff, I think it would be a good idea. Hugh Jackman certainly does a good job in the role and there is definitely a fan base for it.

    By the way, I just got back from New York and I saw Hugh Jackman's show "The Boy From Oz" and he was awesome in it. Plus I got his autograph after the show.
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    Re: 'X-3' & 'Wolverine: The Movie' News!!

    Had to go back a few pages to find this thread...
    Good news/possible bad news:
    Quote Originally Posted by
    3 New Mutants Aboard for X-Men 3?
    March 16, 2005
    Ain't-It-Cool-News is [font=arial]reporting the rumor that Beast, Gambit and Angel will join the mutant line-up for 20th Century Fox's X-Men 3. While fans will be pleased to hear this, the site adds that Angel might actually be a girl in the movie.[/font]
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    Kelsey Grammer to play Beast in X-3!!!!

    Just read it on IMDB. Interesting choice.....Grammer definitely has the intellectual voice for the character, but it's tough to imagine him in action sequences. Also mentioned in the article is the inclusion of Juggernaut as one of the evil mutants. Just hope we also get more of Collossus in action in this one.

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    Re: Kelsey Grammer to play Beast in X-3!!!!

    If true, this is a terrible choice. Beast's power isn't his intellect, it's his superior agility and acrobatic ability. Kelsey Grammer definitely doesn't have either of those.
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    Re: Kelsey Grammer to play Beast in X-3!!!!

    I actually think it's a great choice for it. Why? Because of his voice. He has a great voice to play out Beast and quote poets and make others feel stupid. And in movie world, anybody can have super strength and agility.
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