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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue II
    Sure, each film had a couple cool little things in them...
    That's pretty much where I'm at with the prequels right now. Honestly, I enjoy watching them because they're full of amazing imagery, but they don't have the same spirit as the OT.

    AOTC is a fun film. There's a lot to look at and there are parts of it that are just amazing. Kamino is super ... that entire part of the film is great and maybe flawless. Geonosis is great also, the scenes of Obi-Wan sneaking around or the scenes with Christopher Lee are really nice. There's a lot of great elements for sure. But, that reminds me of something one of my art professors in college used to say when looking over one of my drawings ... he'd point at one part and say, "that's a nice part" and then he'd point somewhere else and say, "that bit's nice also." After a while you'd get the idea, he was trying to tell you that no matter how many clever "bits and parts" that you had, if the whole thing didn't work, you had a mediocre drawing. I feel the same way with AOTC and for sure with TPM. There's parts in both movies that I love to look at, but I don't love watching them as a whole like I do with say "Jedi". It's funny, like Tycho said, I'm really into Return of the Jedi right now also. There's so much to look at from start to finish, but the pacing doesn't snap your neck ... and when it's over, we've really gotten somewhere. Same thing with the rest of the OT. Each one is a specific part of this wonderful mythic science fiction story. I really miss the fact that the prequels don't have the same message and don't rely on the myth structure like the OT does. I think, that's pretty much what I mean by "not having the same spirit." I'd easily trade all of the clever bits and parts for a cohesive and simply inspiring story.

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    This is my order of favorite to least favorite on the Star Wars films-

    1. ESB
    2. AOTC
    3. ANH
    4. ROTJ
    5. TPM

    As you can see AOTC is my 2nd favorite and it's the one I watch the most now. For some strange reason it seems to be missing something for being the 2nd movie. There are some slow parts too. The part where C3PO lived with the Lars family for a few years (and Owen didn't know 3PO in ANH) threw the storyline off alittle there.

    From what I heard of Ep.3, it sounds like the best one out of the whole Trilogy.
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    I was getting depressed reading the posts on this poll...

    ....til Tycho snapped me out of it with his comments on AOTC.

    I LOVE the prequels. I love the original trilogy too. I think that when it's all said and done, the prequel episodes will stand the test of time unlike alot of the other pop-sci/fi-fantasy stuff of late that has so jaded the younger folks posting here.

    It's not about one series of film being better than the other (the endless LOTR vs. SW vs. Matrix vs. flavor of the month is so tired). I'm thrilled that the sucess of one has allowed for the success of others. What a great time to be a fan of fantasy and sci-fi movies right now! And believe me, the SW saga holds it's own with all the Johnny-come-latelys...

    I think AOTC is getting better with the passage of time, just as PM did (as many of you admitted here in this thread). I won't be suprised if after EpIII hits, that many folks who say they don't like AOTC that much will start "getting it" after seeing what the final installment adds to the mix...

    Three "yub yubs" for AOTC!

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    I think AOTC is getting better with the passage of time, just as PM did (as many of you admitted here in this thread)
    Well don't count me among that number. For me its quite the opposite, TPM got more and more infuriating each time I watched it. Likewise I expect for AOTC. They're utterly soulless films IMO. Lucas put far too much focus on the technology behind the prequels. Someone should have stopped him and said 'look George, not every single scene needs CGI in it, that chair in the background doesn't need to be digitally added-we can actually build it using real materials, actors won't need to 'pretend' they're interacting with it because they actually will be and therefore we'll be more convinced by them'. The OT benefitted from a relative lack of money and technology. They had the right balance between effects, story(even if Jedi was a rehash of ANH), script, and some half decent acting.

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    I'm a Star Wars fan first. But why all the LOTR talk and no Matrix talk? I've heard the Matrix trilogy called the Star Wars of today way more than the LOTR trilogy. And the ending of Reloaded reminds me of Empire. Both end ominously, and you leave the theater questioning whether what you saw really happened and wanting to know more.

    Don't get me wrong, I love all three fanchises, but.... When LOTR and the Matrix blow there load early, what trilogy/saga will we have to look forward to? Star Wars! E3 is going to blow them all away!

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    Although the romance wasn't as smoothly written or acted as Han and Leia, AOTC is one of my SW favourites. I thought the action sequences in this movie surpassed pretty much everything we've seen to this point, with the exception of Hoth (my sentimental favourite location, battle, environment - everything basically). Great sets, great visuals, amazingly good CG (for the most part) - I love AOTC. it's great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedibear
    I think AOTC is getting better with the passage of time, just as PM did (as many of you admitted here in this thread).
    Like Devo, don't count me in that group either, TPM hasn't gotten better for me, I simply like AOTC less than TPM and I don't like TPM very much at all.

    Dago-BAH, I really liked The Matrix, but Reloaded didn't work for me, I felt like it fell flat trying to do so much at once. I came away from that film feeling nothing, it wasn't fantastic like the first one but it wasn't terrible like The Mummy Returns - it just "was".
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    First off, the Matrix sucked big time. Thats 2+ hours of my life I want back. I liked AOTC better than TPM, but both rate the lowest of my list. ESB all the way. I don't understand why anyone likes EP1 or 2 over the OT. My wife is one of them. I mean she'll watch AOTC evertime it's on HBO. That's when I walk out of the room and log on. I don't hate it, but I do hate Annie! It's all Obi won's fault!! I mean come on. He'a adult and acting like a baby in front of a beauiful ex Queen. I think is so lame that she falls for it, but It had to happen and fast.
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