F and S is great to just see what's out there. True, they do have to cover the 45-50 bucks per Saturday or Wednesday's that they're open. Just be sure to keep your wits about you. These are just friggin toys we're talking about. Bel Cam, I believe you stated that you bought the Sith Attack Speeder for 10 bucks? Well, you made the seller a 100% profit because TRU were selling them for $4.97 according to another collector friend. Oh well, as long as you both were happy with the transaction. Anyway, one good thing to do is just network with other collector friends and combat the so called "scalpers". SCALPERS CANNOT COVER 100% OF THE STORES 100% OF THE TIME. Sometimes they come pretty damn near to it at times. But we collectors, with a little heads up and polite attitude with toy store employees, can pretty much get what we want.