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    F and S is great to just see what's out there. True, they do have to cover the 45-50 bucks per Saturday or Wednesday's that they're open. Just be sure to keep your wits about you. These are just friggin toys we're talking about. Bel Cam, I believe you stated that you bought the Sith Attack Speeder for 10 bucks? Well, you made the seller a 100% profit because TRU were selling them for $4.97 according to another collector friend. Oh well, as long as you both were happy with the transaction. Anyway, one good thing to do is just network with other collector friends and combat the so called "scalpers". SCALPERS CANNOT COVER 100% OF THE STORES 100% OF THE TIME. Sometimes they come pretty damn near to it at times. But we collectors, with a little heads up and polite attitude with toy store employees, can pretty much get what we want.

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    Re: Frank-n-Scalpers

    Originally posted by Darth Cruel
    Mand Can - Not anymore. There used to be TONS of vintage stuff, loose and carded. Including accessories of all kinds. But now there is only a smattering of vintage stuff. But it is still there in small quantities. I kind of miss the way that place used to be, before they moved.
    I too miss how it used to be when it was on Gale ave (st?), all laid back and a total mess. Now it's better, but there are so many more people and some of the attitudes are pretty lame. But, as long as I can buy a few Happy Meals toys for a buck each where the money goes to charity, the new one will always have more going for it.

    As for Vint, a lot of dealers still have that stuff, but they don't bring it in anymore because there's SO MUCH new stuff to make money off of. However, if you see someone with some vint, you should ask if they have it, maybe they'll bring it in next time. That's how I got my loose vint Biker Scout for $10.
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    found the Shmi and Xwing Luke waves, as well as Tie Interceptors at our favorite scalpermart.

    The deal about F&S is that you have to create rapport with some of the dealers. Good deals can sometimes be found. Like today, A guy sold me the Tie Interceptor for $65

    that last part is only a joke, no dumba$$ jokes, please!

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    Bel Cam, I believe you stated that you bought the Sith Attack Speeder for 10 bucks? Well, you made the seller a 100% profit because TRU were selling them for $4.97 according to another collector friend.
    As far as I've seen, those at TRU are the Sith Speeder, not the Invasion Force Sith Attack Speeder. So I don't think I added to his profit (although I'm sure he did make money on my sale; why wouldn't he?). I have not seen a Sith Attack Speeder in a retail store.
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    The Invasion Force Sith Attack Speeders that my friend picked up for me were in the Burbank TRU. In fact, he found two last Saturday afternoon. The price on this was as I stated previously at $4.97. Not a bad deal at all. You might wanna call them periodically to see if they've got them in. I would imagine that the Jar Jar and Gungan Assault Cannon as well as the Obi-Wan and Gungan Scout Sub both come shipped in the same box as the Darth Maul Invasion Force. Anyone out there know this to be true? I'm glad Amanamatt was BS-ing about the 65 buck Tie Interceptor.

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    When I found the Sith Attack Speeder (Invasion Force) at Van Nuys TRU couple months ago, the case came with 4 of them, 1 Obiwan with sub, 1 Jar2 with assault cannon and 2 battle droid with armored tanks.

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    I'm east of F n S by about 15-20 miles or so, so I don't head out into the LA metro area that often. The TRU stores near me have had only the old Sith Speeder with cloth Maul, so finding this one for $10 was a good deal for me. I'd spend $75 in gas to go west! Thanks for the info, though!
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    I was curious as to what F&S was selling the Interceptors and the new figures for. Were there any takers? I guess if you want to get everything in one shot its a good thing but so much for the thrill of hunting and the satisfaction of paying retail.

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    I picked up the new X-Wing Luke and Vader for $9 a piece.
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