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    What will you buy in 2004?

    Now that we've heard about the upcoming releases,
    seen some pics, and had a moment of two to digest,
    what does everybody think they will be picking up
    in the new year?

    1) R1-G4 tops out my list, one I find surprisingly crowded.

    (My completist days are long behind me, but there is so
    much coming out that I suddenly simply "have to have." )

    2) R3-P0
    3) Hoth Luke
    4) Ultra Wampa
    5) Ultra Rieekan

    6) Ultra Threepio w/Escape Pod

    7) Ultra Jabba the Hutt
    8) Luke Jedi (Jabba's Palace)
    9) Bar-2-D2

    10) Garindan (12 inch)

    I'm holding off on the Palace Aliens till I see some
    pics, but I'm always a sucker for creature figs.
    Heck, even Hologram Luke sounds promising. . .

    What does everybody else forsee themselves
    buying in the year to come?

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    I'll buy any that I find!!!
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    Everything you listed but the wampa.
    Count me in on the jabba's palace aliens, too!

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    Probably all of the regular figures, and hopefully we'll get 1 more wave of Unleashed with Chewbacca in it. Not sure about the animated or 12" figures.

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    I'm going to buy any new figure, 12", vehicle, playsets that is released whether I see it in stores or not.

    I will only buy rehashes that are necessary or extremely impressive figures. 12" Ben and Jawas will be passed on.

    I will not purchase any EU items including Clone Wars, concept thingies, or book relation material. I will also pass on Unleashed stuff.
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    Maybe the R3P0, maybe the Wampa, probably the Ultra C3P0, Concept Stormtrooper, and the R1G4. Might pick up several of the bartender R2s for customs. Still sad that R5D4 is left out yet again.

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    What In 2004

    I'll buy pretty much everything 3 3/4 inch related excluding some of Clone Wars figures.

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    Absolutely everything in 3 3/4 scale.

    I've been well and truly suckered in - though I don't mind so much give that they all look fabulous!

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    If 2004 will be anything like find the 2003 line of saga i end up only getting a few because my stores still have 2002 mainly on stock.

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    3 words, pretty much everything.

    Hopefully the distribution is better by then.
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