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    Any Ex-collectors out there?

    I am what you would call a reformed collector.
    I finally decided that enough was enough and collecting Star Wars stuff had taken over my life.

    I do still visit these forums just to chat with my old collecting buddies and just to chat on anything and everything.

    Anybody else out there like me?
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    i've just about given up collecting as well. i've sold all my ships and vehicles and am in the process of selling my loose collection right now. i still pick up the 12 inch figures, but that's only 2 or 3 times a year that anything is available in that format.

    i just got tired of the endless re-sculpts and goofy preposed figures.
    instead of making one really good anakin or jango, hasbro made 5 or 6 useless versions of each. my life is so much better not making daily trips to wal-mart. :happy:

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    At one time I honestly thought about selling all of my possesions including my entire Star Wars collection. I was going to buy a motorcycle and just ride around the country. You know, see some of the states I haven't seen yet, and there are alot. I still entertain the idea every now and again, but with my son coming up to live with me in less then 2 years, I have to think about getting a firm place to live so he can attend school. Maybe once he is out of school, and in the Military or off at college I will once again consider that as an option.
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    I'm heading in that direction of calling it quits, I'm not there yet, but heading down that road.

    I stopped hitting the stores about a year and a half ago, since my area is a dead market, and the figures aren't that appealing anymore. I have a friend who's a little toy shop owner and I just tell him what I'm after and sooner or later he calls and tells me he's got it. I just got tired of the constant running around to store after store, burning up hours and geting frustrated with traffic, parking, and lack of stuff on the shelves. Its hard to get excited about things when you never see it.

    But I'm on the way out the door, even these boards and discussions aren't interesting anymore. I'm just slowly burning out on this collection thing, and I get sick when I think of the 10,000+ I've dropped on it over the last 8 years...that would have been a nice deposit on a TT or house.

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    These are interesting to read. I'm a current collector but I've limited my collecting to certain items. I used to get every figure and open it (I actually used to be a carded collector).

    Now I've gone onto collecting the prop replicas and mini-busts. It's dawned on me that these are the Star Wars collectibles and I'm going to carry with me into adulthood and later years. I'll sell some of the stuff I've obtained over time- much of it I'll keep because I have certain sections of my collection that I treasure. I still go to stores and take a walk through the toy asile- see whats making/ not making it to stores. But I've cut back immensley and I've supprised myself quite a bit. It's make life a little easier not making the constant toy runs.

    I still collect LOTR, 007, and Star Trek but the lisences won't last long so I don't mind. I've really limited to getting a few higher priced collectibles.
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    I would admit to being in a prolonged holding pattern when it comes to collecting. I picked up very little of EPII stuff. The only thing I actively search out are the Hallmark ornaments....and that's only once a year!
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    I too have drastically cut back on my Star Wars-related spending. For the longest time I absolutely HAD to buy every single figure made. It did not matter if it was the 10th Darth Maul or Jango resculpt, I bought it. I think things really changed for me when I decided to go back to school and finish my degree. Money got tight, so I decided to limit my spending.
    However I will NEVER lose the collecting bug. I still go to all the stores and see what's new (usually nothing). I still collect football cards, comics, and the McFarlane sports figures. My money still goes to that kind of stuff, just not as much now. But when it comes to the thrill of the hunt, there is still a deep satisfaction that comes from finally finding a certain piece you've been looking for. I still go on "the run" as my friends call it looking for those impossible to find toys. Usually we come home empty handed, but still smiling because of the experience.
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