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    I want Kitik Keed'Kak

    I Want Kitik Keed'kak.
    Kitik Keed'kaks for everyone.

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    I want Kitik Keed'Kak and while Hasbro is at can they give us the other two Cantina sets, not that they are any good. And what about Wave 2 of Accessory sets.

    Allright, Kitik will do for now.
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    Hasbro it is not like something is stopping you from releasing them. Just Do it. I wouldn't mind getting the Dr. Evezan to. You really need to finish what you start!
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    Heck, I missed Wuher the first time around, and WANT KITIK KEED'KAK. Dont Kak on us hasbro, give himand his friends up.
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    She is the only figure worth anything in the set. I want her too.
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    Maybe this ridiculous Jedi Master Points nonsense will actually help us get this figure. It is obvious that they produced it, maybe they are just trying to gauge how much we actually want it. If the bidding for this type of figure is out of control (which it already was hours after the damn thing was listed,) maybe that will justify (to them) a reason to actually release the figure. I know I am really stretching here, but I am just trying to find some good in this whole Jedi Master Point debacle. All in all. . . give us Kitik Keed'Kak, the rest of the Cantina Sets, and anything else that has been promised/rumored that is sitting in the dark catacombs underneath Hasbro's lair collecting dust. Just my two pennies.
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    I want all of Wave 2 of the cantina set.

    And a curved bar piece. And the middle thingy which looks like it stores all the drinks.
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    I agree. The more Cantina aliens the better. I realize you are not likely to go through all the production costs of inventing a new figure if it will only sell to collectors, but this one has been designed, tooled, and produced in at least some quantities. If nothing else, make it a fan club exclusive or an online exclusive through Entertainment Earth etc. like the army builder sets. At any rate Hasbro, please release this figure. We're all dying to give you our money for this and several other toys (read as R5-D4 and the sandcrawler).

    P.S. Hasbro, way to go on the Wampa and escape pod sets etc. Next year looks great and I guarantee you'll be getting a lot of my discretionary money because of it. Keep it up.

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    It Was Only A Matter Of Time. . .

    I knew it would happen. . .

    Just when you think they didn't produce them. . . it shows up on ebay. Notice how "buy it now" was used almost immediately. How many more do you think this guy will put on eBay? Every other day, or just every other week? $89.99 is such a bargain. . .
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    This seller also had one end a little over a week ago. . .

    An absolute steal at $59.99. . .

    So how many of these figures do we think are out there? Hasbro. . . any answers. . . Hasbro. . . ?!?!?!
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