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    Exclamation Mini Wave 3

    ftbt has pics up!

    This third wave of the minisets is looking very cool. The Imperial Shuttle is just too cool.

    I am wondering if there is a final word on the "bonus" ship with this latest set of four. I liked that feature, and it would strike me as an easy way to sell them in sets.

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    I'd guess the bonus ship to be either the A-wing or B-wing.
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    I figured the SD would be not to scale with the rest of the series, but it still pretty nice. The Shuttle looks sweet. Plus folding wings!
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    From the lastest report I read, Wave 3 will not come with extra pieces to make the extra ship, which is really a shame. I like the minis but only bought the complete set for the extra ship. This time around I may only get the Shuttle and Star Destroyer.
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    I love the Shuttle, but the Star Destroyer could be a little longer. I love the mini sets, and I do hope they do another bonus ship, because this makes collecting all 4 worth it.
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    Great looking sets. I like the how all of them look. Lego has done an outstanding job with this line. I agree the Star Destroyer maybe should be bigger, but you can't get to big and still be mini. That's too bad there won't be a bonus set. But I don't buy them for the bonus set, I buy because their legos.
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    Don't get me wrong, I mean I'll buy them regardless if they have the extra ship in them or not. I used to collect "space" Lego's since back in the late 80's they had no Star Wars lego's. This combines two cool things in one SW and Lego's! I have my Kitchen counter covered with SW Lego sets!
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    I still need the second set and two from the first, but I like what I have so far. These new ones look good too. The Star Destroyer is already in Mini scale, though - it's the biggest LEGO set ever, the one that comes with the Mini Tantive IV.
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