Hey. Today in the Ashland mall Kb had army builders "no clones" and tons of $1.99 figures
The wal mart had nothing, and the collector store had most of the new saga figures for good prices.

In WV I found at the target near the barboursville mall the clone wars gunner ship, trade federation tank, new lightsabers a bunch of the regular red clones and all of the clone wars toys of yoda anakin and ARC

In the Toys R Us near the barboursville mall I found The pit of carkoon boba, anakin and dooku speeders, bounty hunter 4 pack, and the hoth 4 pack. I got the hoth 4 pack. I like it. If you question if you should get it, you should. Its a fun set. and I really think all of the TRU 4 packs are good times.

In the barboursville mall the KB had army builders, no clones and tons of $1.99 they also had the lightsabers that come with 3 figures. There was a card show today and a guy had a lot of good star wars stuff. Some of the things I picked up were MIB 3D cantina pop up scene with trooper $8,MIB jabbas palace 3D pop up for $8 MOC POTJ jedi obi wan, EP 1 chancellor valorum, senator palpatine, battle droid,darth sidious and obi wan all for $3. I got a death star droid and a bunch of others MOC

It was a pretty good day