Alright, I loved these GPK stickers as a kid and I have only a few of them left. My nostalgia kicked in when Topps announced the return of GPK this year and I think they chose a very strange way to present these. I bought one pack today to see what they are like. The cost was $1.19 per pack. The packs say "Green Gum and Gross Stickers" . . . why the emphasis on the gum? The pack comes with 3 regular GPK stickers, one foil GPK sticker, and FOUR pieces of terrible green gum, each wrapped separately and lined with a tiny sticker (featuring a different character). Well, these little stickers look so cheap and bent up that they seem to belong in the garbage.

Frankly, they shouldn't refer to the stickers as being "Gross" because the gum is wayyyy nastier than these stickers can even dream to be.

Topps, why the wasted space on the gum and mini-stickers? The actual cards themselves are very well done, I wouldn't mind having a set of these at all.
But why the hell should I want to pay for 4 pieces of gum wrapped in four stupid mini-stickers when all I want are the 4 quality stickers?

Jeez, it's a good thing I checked these out in store and didn't drop $30 on a full box online.