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    What are your 2003 Hasbro Holdouts?

    For the past 6 months during the darkest days of SW collecting this year, I started a list of all the figures and toys coming out from Hasbro, and on that list I kept a running tab of which figures I wanted, which I wasn't sure I wanted, and which I knew for sure I didn't want. After putting a few checkmarks against the pieces I found recently, my want list has changed and my holdout list has changed as well.

    Whether you've found them yet or not, for many collectors there are some Hasbro SW toys from the 2003 lineup that you are either on the fence about or totally disinterested in getting. What are those items and why?

    I'll start with my list of holdouts so far, and reasons why they're on the list:
    • Barris Offee - just not interested
    • Aayla Secura - ditto, and looks kinda flimsy
    • Anakin Skywalker (Secret Ceremony) - I don't like how it looks
    • maybe Han Solo (Hoth Rescue - blue) - seen this one 10 times or more but funky leg pose always holds me back
    • Chewbacca (Mynock Hunt) - too specialized with figure sculpted to accept mask and tank, weapon looks super crappy
    • Padme Amidala (Secert Ceremony) - not interested
    • Darth Maul (Theed Hangar Duel) - already have it from earlier line
    • Princess Leia Organa (Imperial Captive) - ditto
    • maybe Han Solo (Flight to Alderaan) - ditto, although if the head looks different enough, it might catch my interest
    • maybe Hailfire Droid - heard it doesn't roll too well, already have Lego version
    • all Clone Wars figures - don't like the concept of either regular or animated CW figures, does nothing at all for me
    • TRU 4packs - often tempted, but $20 for figures I already have and 1 new accessory is hard to swallow
    • Screen Scenes - not interesting to me, kinda small for the money and I'm not interested in the scenes they're portraying
    • Jedi Master Points auctions - insulting, lame program that can only reward a handful of collectors
    So there you have my 2003 holdout list, what's yours and why?
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    hold outs: none, i'm in kebco's one of every fig club, but there is only one fig that i would have passed on anyway, throne room luke! terrible, the worst figure hasbro has ever produced imo. worse than monkey face leia and her super buff counterparts, worse than anything that i could possibly imagine.

    jeditricks, maybe give SC ani another chance, it's my favorite ani they have made yet, no stupid gimmicks, decent articulation (ankles, but not knees, don't know what happened there), and the best face sculpt so far with a little scowl, but not constipation.

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    Holdouts: All Clone Wars stuff. I just want movie material stuff, there is just too much to get if you get involved in Eu stuff if you ask me. I also skipped on all of the repack figures: Han, Maul, 3PO, etc..., also passed on all deluxe figs except the Spider Droid.

    2003 stuff skipped so far: All the Clone Wars stuff (EU material just does not interest me, I doubt it ever will), all repack figures like 3PO, Han, etc...(I already have them, but it is cool they are releasing them for new collectors.), all deluxe figs except the Spider Droid, Count Dooku with lightning (just another statue of a made figure). Obi-Wan Acklay (do I need to explain why?), Mace Windu Latch sticking out his back (why is he screaming like a mad man - I thought he had a shaft expression throughout the battle?), R2-D2 Droid Factory Flight (I don't need christmas ornaments, maybe around christmas! ), Luke/Darth Throne Room (Luke is terrible, and Darth is really not a great paint, or sculpt. It's just another statue). I also passed on the new TIE fighter (just another retool), and all of the clone war three packs. The only three pack I really regret not getting were the clone troopers. Man I wish I had bought the three different colors I had found! Passed on the Ultimate Bounty 4 pack (just more rehash, the bike was not in the movie - I will regret this decision if her bike is in Episode 3 but I'm betting we will not see that), A-Wing with pilot (why get a green A-Wing with a repainted pilot for $29!)

    Things I wasn't going to get then broke down for no reason but to get something new: Chewbacca Mynock Hunt (bought him while hunting for Wat Tambor for no reason at all. I'm not impressed at all. He can't stand, and he is stuck in his non-neutral pose. Thank god I have figure stands), Snowtrooper (I wanted this fig bad, when I saw it he was in a disco pose. My wife and brother in law saw that I kept clinging to the fig to decide if I wanted to buy it, and just bought it for me whether I wanted it or not. The truth is the older version is much better at least you can stand him at attention. Without the Tri-pod cannon he looks stupid, unless you pose hime {with a stand} running )

    Things I wasn't going to get but was very grateful after I got them: Boba Fett: Pit of Carkoon (I didn't need another Fett, but this one really is the best sculpt, the flame spew is fodder though), Emperor Palpatine (I just love this figure despite his arthritis hands. He is really dismal looking)

    Things I won't get that's going to be released in the future: Any EU, or unleashed sculpted figures. However besides the Clone war stuff it looks like I'll be buying everything on the upcoming lists. The announced stuff is exciting!

    As for figures that I bought that dissapoint me: Barris and Aalya (just statues), Anakin Secret Ceremony (It may be the best Ani to date, but he still lacks the neutral pose with his cape flying around to be part of any secret ceremony), Han Hoth (If it wasn't for the leg pose he would have been one of the best figs ever made), WA-7 (Wheel falling off, tray unable to keep on her hand without taping it. If you don't demand quality this is the fig for you).

    Now that I've been cynical let me praise: Danyl Faytoni, the screen scenes, the youngling jedi, the tuskin raider, and the Wat Tambor wave. Wow hasbro, when you make up your mind to make something good you are on fire!!!!
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    Honestly, the only things I've held back on were the Clone Wars 3-packs. I'm not interested nor impressed by the Clone Troopers, Battle Droids, or Battle Launcher. I'd like to get the Jedi Army 3-pack, but I've never, ever seen it at retail. Also, I'm not into the vehicles, except Speeder Bikes, because they're relatively small and come with new figures.

    Of the regular Saga stuff, I plan on getting at least one of everything, even the stuff I think is inferior. I just hate The Emperor, but I'd get another one -- if I could ever find one! -- just to do an improved custom.

    Of the stuff you other collectors have criticized, I feel compelled to defend Aayla Secura. I have 3 of these that I've removed from the package (2 are still on the cards), and only one has a slight flaw at the thigh-cut in the left leg that leaves a visible gap. Otherwise, this figure is really pretty nice! I have one displayed holding her lightsaber with both hands, and the other holding the saber in her right hand and the Force lightning on her left hand. (Yes, I know Jedi don't use Force lightning, but it still looks pretty cool. ) I've had no trouble getting them to stand up off the base, which was my biggest fear (and is the biggest problem with Barris Offee). Now, if you want to pose her in the standing kick that the thigh-cut in her left leg is intended for, then you will probably be forced to use the base included with her, as a standard figure stand might not be heavy enough. Also, I do imagine that, over time, her right ankle will start to warp if you leave her in the kick position. Heck, my Justice League Wonder Woman started to warp after just a week on her base, and all she does is stand there like a statue at attention! I will probably use the Aayla with the gap in her thigh as custom-fodder: maybe Clone Wars Aayla could use some body armor that will hide that gap? Also, I like the way the comics have given Aayla purple lips instead of bright-red hooker lips, so I'll probably give my custom a cosmetic make-over, too.
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    I kinda like all the new stuff. The only stuff I am not getting are the repacks like Maul and Luke. I really like the saga waves that have come out and I am looking forward to the next wave of Clone Wars figures with Asajj Ventress and I am extremely excited about the line up for 2004. Elom and J'Quille have been on my want list for years.
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    I havent seen enough of the figures to hold out on. I have past on the RebelTrooper though. WIll pass on the other repacks too.
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    I won't be getting the "animated" style figures (or should I say I won't be keeping them. Kebco will likely send them as I too am in the one of each club).

    I won't be getting the repacks save Maul and Vader because I never found the MODS 2 pack. I was grateful these were chosen for repackaging.

    Many of the vehicles I've opted out of (TIE with pilot I have already, Ani's fighter, Hailfire droid, AAT Droid Tank, etc). The only ones I do get will be the ones coming with figures I don't have (speeder bikes, A wing, Geo fighter).

    Im "holding out" on getting more Clone Trooper 3 packs until I see which one I do get from Kebco. I may ask for the other colours if I like the one I get - but that is definitely wait and see right now.

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    I've holding out on the entire '03 Saga line. They're just now hitting my local stores, so the fact of their lateness has totally made me disinterested in buying them.
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    amidalak, on SC Ani, I dunno, the robe is so big and unwieldy-looking that I just can't see how it'd fit in my collection. The hand doesn't look right either. I'll give it another eyeball next time I pass by one tho'.

    Jaff, I forgot about the TIE Fighter, repack 3PO, Target A-wing, and the deluxe SBD builder wave, I passed on those as well. Oh, and all of Unleashed as well.

    Also, Total Control Mace isn't screaming, he's smiling like a sick idiot.

    As for things that weren't on my list but I caved and bought anyway, I've got a bunch of those:
    - Padme Factory
    - R2 Factory
    - Obi-Wan Acklay
    - Luke ROTJ wave
    - Dooku 2
    And I totally agree with you on the Snowtrooper, they didn't do this one justice at all here, I think it's supposed to be the Snowtrooper commander which explains the chest armor change, upside-down shoulder armor, holster, and missing kneepads, but they botched the helmet-skirt.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I will not be getting the Jango Fett repack or any of the repack for the potj line and more than liking i am skipping the target exec clone wars anime figures.


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