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    Konami Aliens serie 2 pics.

    Here are the first pictures made during a recent Japanese professional toyshow.

    Aliens Japanese Trading kits SÚrie 2 :Aliens Japanese Trading kits SÚrie 2 :
    They are early prototypes but they are already painted.

    - Sulaco cruiser from "Aliens"
    - APC from "Aliens"
    - Power Loader with Ripley from "Aliens"
    - Newborn Alien from "Resurrection"
    - Warrior Alien from "Aliens"
    - Alien Queen from "Aliens"
    - UD4 - Cheyenne (Drop Ship) from "Aliens"
    - Aqua Alien from "Resurrection"

    Due to be available in January 2004 in Japan.

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    oooohh, the APC and Dropship look cool!
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    wow they are great! i alway liked painting and building model kits
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    The Konami Aliens webpage is now online. Click on the green links to see detailed shots of each figure. The limited figure will be the "Space Jockey" and not the ChestBurster or Face-Hugger as previously reported.

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    Uhh...anyone else notice something? (Maybe I am missing the beat here...)

    That Drop Ship and APC look like Action Fleet toys in the pics there- esp. the APC...

    The Loader with Ripley looks like Kenner's old mold, as does the Aliens: Resurrection figure...

    Am I crazy or is that what this line is supposed to be?

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    Hey Sicq

    HLJ have emailed me to let me know that my random selection of Aliens series 1 is on the way.

    As I only actually want the Nostromo & Narcissus, if they are not in my box and if you have spares - are you interested in a mutual trade?

    Cheerio from across the channel


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    Of course BC3,
    My order is also on the way from HLJ. The packet have been ordered by Cabour (he has an account at HLJ) and he should receive it during the week.
    I'm waiting for three boxes of ten units. This should be enough to get a few dupes.

    BTW, I bought AF prototypes on Ebay. Will post pics soon. I'm also waiting for the Diecast 13" Eagle by PE but I wonder when it will be available... (said summer 2003, then october, then december).
    I saw on :
    The PE Eagle is cheaper at Forbidden Planet :
    You save two Pounds.

    Also there will be a Die-Cast Eagles two-pack made by Johnny Lightning (Playing Mantis). Maybe like they did with "Lost In Space"... We'll have to wait until 2004.

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    Thanks Sicq

    I will let you know what pieces that I recieve.

    I noticed that the AF Spider Droid was listed on Ebay for a B-I-N of $349 at 6.30 am this morining - When I saw that it had gone when I got home from work, I guessed that it may have been you who snapped it up (I would have myself but the mrs would kill me for spending that much money).

    Well done - you lucky devil.



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    i gotcher' back as well

    i've ordered the aliens set as well, so if i get a bunch of face huggers and no vehicles, i'm up for swaps as well

    btw, i received my thunderbirdes set, and i got all 12!!! no dupes, only ships. thank gawd, i don't want no stinkin' figures
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    Just got back from a long weekend in Sardinia (ah, Italy, land of great food, beautiful women and absolutely PSYCHOTIC drivers), to find that my Konami Aliens box has arrived.

    The good news is that I have the Nostromo & Narcissus (both REALLY detailed).

    I also got the rare SPACE JOCKEY - so if either Sicq or GSJ need it for their collections then let me know (as I operate a vehicles only policy in my collection).




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