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    I don't remember the character's name, but the blonde girl on "The Little House on the Prarie," the one with the curly locks, was a character I despised, as a young kid watching the reruns of that show. Not that she was annpying, but because of her evil personality of her character. She did an incredible acting job. I'm surprised that she did not make the list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhaust Port
    That's speaks so incredibly poorly of the rest of the cast. It's like saying someone is worse than Hitler.
    Well everyone else seems to like the cast,I didnt see them on the list.I dont see how claiming Urkel is the best character of the show shines poorly on the other cast members
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    Aww come on, Jimmy Fallon and Ross Geller from Friends are great. I wonder who 26-49 are.
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    i cannot stand jimmy fallon doing weekend update with tina fey. while tina fey does get a few good ones in, jimmy is one of the worst weekend updaters i have ever seen. so i agree with it right there. otherwise he's moderately funny on some of the other skits i have seen.
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    Unhappy I just learned of some bad news.

    Michelle Thomas who played Myra on Family Matters passed away back on Dec. 23, 1998. She sure was hot. I am extremley depressed now.

    RIP Myra.
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    Didnt know that.
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    Wow, she passed away 5 years ago. 30 is too young for anyone to die.
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