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    Halloween costumes you wore as a child

    What costumes can you remember wearing? Yeah, I mean those horrible thin hard plastic masks that stayed on your face with an elastic string and would cut you with their sharp edges and would make it hard to breathe through those thin slits. They would also get wet from condensation on those cool evenings. And those rubber suits would, too. Man, those were uncomfortable.

    Let's see, I remember being a stormtrooper several times, and Vader as well. I remember the year I was a sheet ghost as well. That was fun. I think I also had a horrible Luke costume once, too. I was a skeleton several times. I think once I just smeared a bunch of facepaint on and that was the worst costume I ever had. Then I got a skeleton rubber mask and I loved that thing. I wore that out. I remember one year, an older lady was giving out candy apples, so I went around the corner, turned the mask inside out, and went and got another.

    I still go out trick or treating when I'm back east for Halloween. I ended up going with my younger siblings (my sister is in high school now). A coupla years ago I was a wizard (that came out great) and a few years before that I was the Night Sky (my conceptual costume). I wore all black and attached a bunch of those glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to myself. People actually really liked that one.
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    One year I went as ADMIRAL ACKBAR ! ! !

    It was sooooooooo sweet, I loved it!
    The plastic mask had Double A's big yellow eyes jutting out on the sides and there were two separate eyeholes for me to see through.

    Unfortunately, I fell off somebody's porch and tore the plastic suit.

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    The first Halloween I can remember I was about 4 y/o and went as Spider-Man. The only other ones I really remember I went as Peter Chris from KISS, that was for a couple of years in a row.
    The last time I went out trick-or-treating was 13 or 14, and I've only gotten dressed up a few times since.
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    my sister and I usually had theme costumes, and my mom made some pretty good ones every year... we went as Jawas, cartoon characters (I was wile e. coyote, my sis was pink panther), Yoda one year, Charon (the skeleton guy from clash of the titans) E.T. one year......
    My first halloween when I was mebbe 2 or 3 I went as a "great northern pike", I still have the pic... I basically wore a snowsuit with some garbage bags on it and had whiskers drawn on my face.... I lived up north, and a lot of folks spoke exclusively of fish.... Maybe I can get a scan of some of the good ones....
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    The earliest costume I remember was a Kermit the Frog sailor. It was one of those plastic masks/suit combos Eric mentioned earlier. I remember having a Freddy Kruger (or is it Krueger, where's Caesar to correct me?) when I was 5. I don't remember what I did the year after, then it was Leonardo (the ninja turtle) when I was in the second grade. I did Batman after that (this one didn't involve a plastic mask, thank God.) After that, there's a lapse in my memory of what I wore. I bought this mask of the Cryptkeeper (an actual mask, none of that plastic mask covering your face stuff) and I used that for a few years in a row because I loved it so much. The final mask I ever bought was an old man mask that you could lift the front of it up and it would show this skeleton bloody messed up face underneath it. This was like when I was 13 or 14 and that was the thing I dressed up as when I did my last trick or treating. Maybe when I'm out of college I can get back into the costume habit with the younger kids in my family for Halloween. Halloween, I love every aspect of it.
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    I was....

    A really mean looking ghost, that my mom says was Casper but it knew it wasn't.
    Charlie Brown
    A Facless Wraith.

    Yea those plastic suits always ripped just by walking or running.
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    Cool thread!!!

    Wow--I don't know if I can remember that far back! But, I do remember going as a Stormtrooper like in 3 or 4 grade. I also went as a Cylon from Battle Star Gallactica. I might of even had a Luke costume also, I seem to remember having one of those god aweful plastic mask with rubber bands for Luke, it was just a plain white face with weird blonde hair! I think the only one I have still is the Cylon, I'll have to check!!!
    Probably the worst costume I ever had was back in college, I had no costume and we were going to a costume party, and didn't know wether they were required or not; so I just threw some black face paint on as a 5 O'clock shadow, threw my 'Stage Crew' t-shirt on(back when I used to do stage construction for Concerts), A leather Jacket and some jeans, and went as some Thug looking dude! Lame? YES!
    I'm really not into the whole costume thing anymore, but recently I had a similar experience with nothing to wear so I just (tried to) dress up as a hippy with a long black wig, but everone said I looked like Howard Stern, so I was Howard Stern for the rest of the night! But, then about 3 or 4 years ago, my friends had a costume party and I created a Hal Jordan as 'The Spectre' outfit, which didn't come out to bad, seeing as how everyone kept comming up to me and telling me they either loved it, or were wondering who the character was and wanted to know more about him! I had even managed to put the little skulls in the eyes of the costume

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    Well, I can remember in kindergarten going as a Pirate. My mom dyed my hair black and the teacher didn't recognize me, really she didn't, she told me I would have to leave her class room. I had an eye patch and my mom used an eye pencil to make my face look like it had a 5 o'clock shadow.

    In first grade I went as a white rabbit. My mom sewed a nice costume with a place to stick your face through. My brother went as a gray rabbit.

    I can't remember to many after that other than the Cowboy Mummy I went as in my 11 to 13 year range. I wrapped ace bandages around my face and had a cowboy hat on. Boo partner!

    Do grade schools still have costuume parades? My school had us walk out in the park area parading our costumes for the parents. Grade school was pretty cool!

    I went as Luke one year in High school. Now I wear the costumes of the dark side!
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    I was a Stormtrooper for more Halloweens than I can remember. I loved that costume. After that it was all down hill.
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    I never had the plastic mask and rubber costume, my mom always made mine.

    From what I can remember, I've gone as:
    A Vampire
    a Ninja
    Robin Hood (That year people kept mixing me up with Peter Pan)
    Peter Pan (That year people kept mixing me up with Robin Hood )
    White Ranger (the only one in my area to go as the White Ranger because he had just been introduced )
    a Soldier
    Jedi Luke

    And that's about all I can remember.. haven't dressed up in a few years, Halloween around here isn't really much to get excited about anymore.
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