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    Question I heard the new bad guy will be in the clone wars cartoon,also news on padme's death

    I read this note at were it stated the new bad guy will ROCK!! but it also said to keep watching the clone wars cartoon for he will appear and he will at least have 2 light sabers also it said padme will die in ep3 but then why does Leigh say "my mother died when i was really young" HINT "young" not just BORN!!! any way thoughts?
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    Don't believe everything you read. The character with 2 sabres is a she, Asajii Ventress. I'm not so sure about Padme fact, I'm starting to wonder if a lot of the stuff being released is just a smokescreen filled with half-truths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mylow thehutt
    padme will die in ep3 but then why does Leia say "my mother died when i was really young" HINT "young" not just BORN!!! any way thoughts?
    my thoughts (one of these things will probably happen)

    1. the woman who leia thinks is her mother is not padme, or.....
    2. padme dosen't die in episode 3, or....
    3. lucas will change leia's dialogue in ROTJ.
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    I plain think we will see Luke split from Leia after birth and Leia stays with Padme until she gives her to Bail Organa. This all could happen while Leia is still an infant. All Lucas has to do is show the infant Leia staring into her mother's eyes and see the anguish in her face as she is forced to give her up for her protection. This would make Leia's description of Padme make sense since she remembers her as being sad when describing her to her brother Luke. I have friends who remember things from when they were infants and it would be more believeable in Leia's case since she is strong with the Force. Lucas could fit this sequence very easily into the movie IMO.
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    I'm sure Padme will die.

    TFN never said that Asajj will be the new bad guy. They said the new bad guy will rock, yes. Basically the current theory is that the new bad guy is known as General Grievous and is the leader of all the Droids.
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    Leia said that she remembered "feelings". She had to have seen her because she said she was very beautiful, kind, but sad. Hmmmmmmm.
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    Well since Leia is force sensitive I suppose she could have memories of her mother even at an age where normal kids would not. I wouldn't be to surprised though to see Padme's death faked in order to give Anakin the impression she is gone in an attempt to keep him from searching for her and the twins. So if this happens Leia might have had more time with her mother than we might think.

    In the reports we've heard about this new bad guy they say he will weild AT LEAST 2 lightsabers. Does this mean he has more than 2 arms or that he just carries more than 2 sabers, possibly from Jedi's he's slain? Either way I seriously doubt we'll be seeing this character in the CW shorts.
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    "my mother died when i was very young."
    that is exactly wha tleia said in ROTJ. so maybe very young means just born or a few months later...that could be a possibility...anything could!
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