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    new Stormtrooper - Fan Club exclusive! has just posted the news that the Fan Club will be offering an exclusive Stormtrooper figure in the second quarter of next year, to be packaged in a white box like other past exclusives.

    Great news! I wonder, though, how they will be able to improve upon the CommTech trooper. I hope they order enough to meet what will surely be a MASSIVE demand from us army-builders!

    Maybe they would have done better to offer a Snowtrooper resculpt (much needed, IMO).
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    TOO COOL!!! This is a great Christmas present in itself!!!
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    This is great news . This is a great christmas present!!!!!!

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    hate to put a damper on things but what if this is an episode two preview figure. The characters of the new film's title are refered to by some at LFL as stormtroopers not clonetroopers. just a quick thought.

    of course if it's a stormtrooper stormtrooper, then they could have done rebel fleet trooper type knees so he can actually get different poses to the commtech version. same body as the commtech one with new knees? hope so.

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    The only way they could improve on the CTC Trooper is if this was the figure:
    Sculpt: Done by Real Scan
    Articulation: Wrists, elbows (hinge joint), between the elbow and shoulders (swivel joint), shoulders, chest, waist, neck, feet, knees, and legs.
    Accessories: 1 regular Stormtrooper blaster rifle, and 1 Stormtrooper blaster rifle with the stock folded out
    Other Features: a good soft plastic holster for the regular blaster (so it won't interupt while the stormtrooper is sitting) and a removeable grenade.

    Ok, so it probably wouldn't happen, but it being a Fan Club exclusive might help.
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    Why do we need another Stormtrooper? If they improve on it fine.

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    Great news it'll probably be the same as the Commtech chip version with an imperial blaster
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    Haven't you all been clamoring for more stormtroopers for the past year now? Hello! Reissue the Commtech! Hello! Bucket of Stormtroopers! Hello! So now Hasbro is listening to your wishes and saying "Boy. The fans are really wanting a new stormtrooper...We should give it to them..."

    AND YOU ARE COMPLAINING?!?!? nyahhh. I only want one if it has more shoulder articulation. nyahhh. I only want one with holster action. nyaah.

    You only want what you can't have....

    Does anybody thank Hasbro for releasing tons of cool figures and ships this year? Hey, nice B-Wing hasbro. Or great job on the TIE Interceptor. Or Wow! That's a stunning likeness of Shmi! Or Two fan choice figures! great!


    It's I want an Imperial Shuttle and Where's my Yarna D'al Gargan figure and We don't need another Stormtrooper.



    I hereby forbid you complainers from getting the new exclusive when it comes out. I'll just take your share:happy:

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    Yeah great job on the Shmi, sent it out in bulk to some places with major scalpers and the rest in smaller quanities in stores that are still loaded up from the attack of Mechanic Chewie wave from all the waves they got with those figures in them therefore taking up the room on the pegs by non-selling items and then releasing new items over and over and over without any actual plan and just shipping out what they can when they can but shipping so many of the same figures that the later waves become almost non-existant due to lack of orders from the stores thanks to dominuitive Leia, Mr. fix-it-Chewie and antenna-less Aurra.

    All we want is a really good stormtrooper figure that's got alot of play/pose ability and has the right accessories. Not something like normal figures with very-limited poses and with an accessory (ies) only a Bounty Hunter could love.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    Red face No poopy poo!

    I can tell you, for one, that I am not gonna throw any poopy poo at the new Stormtrooper unless it is totally hideous! I'm sure that with the CT Stormie and the new Sandtrooper, we can only expect something with as much of an accurate sculpt! I brought out my POTF2 Stormie and Sandtrooper the other night and had a good laugh at their expense! I showed my friend the current ones and those POTF2 ones and he couldn't believe what a difference a couple years has made!

    He remembers the vintage ones and thought that the vintage ones were better than the POTF2 ones. If they just re-release the CT Stormie with a blaster, I will still be thrilled!!!
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