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    The Great Wal-Mart Cantina Clearance of 2003

    Guys, I know this really belongs in Just Found, but I wanted to give a heads up to those still looking to pick up the WM Cantina Bar sets at clearance. Finally, after waiting over a year, I found them marked down in the Clearance aisle for $3 each, or as they were labeled, "Momaw Nadan 2 for $6." Never ceases to amuse me how hard it is for Wal-Mart employees to spell names from the Star Wars universe. Anyway, I got my three sets for $9, and at that price, they are SWEET.

    They had been on the clearance aisle for several weeks now, but each time I checked before, the price was still $9.96. It may just be my store doing the $3 thing, but you never know.

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    That is the reason so far we have only seem wave 2 of the set of the JMP Auctions. Because Walmart over order a line of items again.

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    And also: Hasbro chose the least interesting (except Greedo ) to put out in the first wave. They waited so long for a second wave, the figures didn't provide any real action (no blasters to play with) except for getting drunk. And since Wal-Mart hardly seemed to get anything else shipped to them, they were stuck with their exclusive that was forced to be in majority.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker
    They waited so long for a second wave, the figures didn't provide any real action (no blasters to play with) except for getting drunk.
    Now seeing Greedo drunk, that would be quite the site.
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    Well, believe it or don't, my local Wally World is still charging $9.96 for the dozen or so Cantina sets they have left. I've seen these at other NC Wal-Marts for as low as $6, even though they have twenty or more sets left! This is the sort of decision left up to the individual store managers, I believe. So, if they really want to blow these things out the doors and make more shelf space available, they reduce them like crazy. Otherwise, they just leave them at high prices and they continue to gather dust and rot on the pegs!
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    Just how lame the whole cantina set thing is ... in all this time, I have only ever seen 2 ... no, 3 ... sets at any of the Wal-Marts in our area. Each time, they were completely crushed and mangled also.

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    Mine got rid of them a month ago at 2 dollars each. I only got Greedo from them because he was the only one that looked good.
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    Mine never got them in. I actually bought my set from a dealer over a year ago. At this point, I thought about selling them, but I doubt their value will go up unless series 2 gets released (which we all know will never happen).

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    Mine had literally hundreds of sets and clearanced them for around a $1. I bought them then. After a week of having them on clearance the leftovers were priced back at $9.96. Go figure (pun intended).
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    Here's one more variation, Walmarts near me got just enough for everyone that collects in Arizona to get them. I think I only saw several go on clearance. Now if this could have been the case everywhere we would have probably seen Wave 2, Damn you Walmart for your poor distribution, and damn you Hasbro for not putting Kitik Keed'kak in the first wave.
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