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    Unleashed Fett, Han and Yoda reviewed

    Hi guys, I just got my case of wave 6 Unleashed from Entertainment Earth and I have to say I love this wave. I missed the 1st shipment from EE and thought all was lost untill yesterday I got a e-mail to come on down and pick them up!

    1. I'll start with Yoda. Yoda is POed just like in AOTC. It's not over done at all. His paint is a bit too dark green, but other than that it is well painted. His light saber is to the correct size and cloak is beautifully sculpted to be flying in air. The base could have been better. The paint is a bit sloppy, but still kind of cool. The clear thing that keeps the little guy up is a bit much, but again it looks cool. It shows us just how fast the little green guy is. The packaging is awesome. The blue is just perfect and Yoda is diplayed well unlike other Unleashed from earlier waves.
    2. We have Han Solo. Not as Unleashed as some, but it is a classy piece indeed. Hasbro still can't get Harrisons likeness perfect, but it's close. The clothing is very nice. The vest is a seperate piece and it's flowing in the wind as Han runs up the rape. The pose is nice, pretty much the same as the 2 pack with Chewy. The paint is applied well, no over spray or errors here. The base is nice as well, but the hydraluic arms on the sides are made of that rubbery crap and one of them is kind of warpped. Same as Yoda, It displays well in the package.
    3. Boba Fett. It doesn't matter what hasbro does, but we all love the big bad Boba Fett. This one is a simi EU Unleashed figure. The scene didn't happen, but it could have . This one is definitely one of my favorites. The sculpt is very good and has all the usual Bounty Hunter stuff on him, but the jump suit seems a bit to light of a gray. The silver on the damage spots is a bit to much, but it doesn't take the coolness a way. The base is just awesome. Boba is held up by the jet pack blast and the blast fits into the smoke and pit. The base looks like it could be lit from the bottom like Maces fire. The tentacles really bring out the exctement of the piece. Boba looks better opened, but the card from the front is cool. That's why I bought 2 of each.
    Overall the 3 are great and I give this wave a 10 out of 10. A must have for Unleashed fans.
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    I scored the Unleashed Fett today, and overall this piece owns.

    I cannot say enough cool things about it. Sure, the suit seems a tad light, but nothing to really note. The dynamic of this fig is what does it - over the top without seeming that way.

    One of my fav of the Unleashed series, easily.

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    I just scored this wave myself...

    ...and I agree with most of what TW & AM have to say.

    The Boba Fett is really cool lit from beneath. The jumpsuit does seem a little light, but if you go back and check out some ESB pics, it is pretty light. I think we're all a little influenced by the various figures of the past here, but it works. I love the dynamic pose....similiar to the small figure released earlier this year. The tenticles are really cool too.

    The Yoda is really cool too. Much better looking than the pictures that were floating around. I'm not so hot on the base either (especially the peg coming out of Yoda's backside to fit him in it) but it'll grow on me....

    The Han is cool, but I think I'm gonna leave him on the card. (Only two others in this series I've done that with...Padme & Sidious). These new cards are pretty cool. Very dynamic and they stand out among the older product.

    Now I can't wait til next year for the next wave!


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