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    Holy %$#@! Great News For 2004

    This just in from GH.

    Our Galactic Swami foresees good things in the future for Star Wars toys in 2004. Ready your wallets, because if you're a fan of the Original Trilogy, then you'll be spending plenty of dough indeed! Swami also tells us that the emphasis for 2004 are collectors and MAX articulation. Believe in the power of the Swami!

    Basic Figures

    Craving more Imperials for your collection? How about a first ever issue of Admiral Ozzel and a new Imperial TIE Pilot with improved articulation! If you've been wanting more characters from The Empire Strikes Back, you'll be happy to know that a long wished for Cloud Car Pilot, Leia Bespin Gown, Lobot, Dagobah R2-D2, and a new sculpt of bounty hunter Dengar are also planned.

    Rounding out the OT figures are a Gold Leader X-Wing Pilot and a new Han Endor.

    From the Prequels come new figures of Palpatine's aide Sly Moore, the Wookiee Senator Yarua, and duck-billed Jedi Pablo Jill.

    Reissues of previously released figures are also to be continued. Now dubbed the "Hall of Fame" series, expect some form of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Princess Leia.

    Ultra Figures

    For those who love those furry creatures with attitude, an Ultra Ewok 2 Pack with Catapult is planned. Another set from Return of the Jedi featuring B'ommar Monk and Bubo are also in the works.

    Vehicles, Exclusives, and the Rest

    The Sandcrawler is coming to Target. But Swami sez you already knew that. But did you know that Target will also carry Star Wars drinking glasses packed with exclusive figures? Sounds like a neat concept.

    A new TIE Fighter with more accurately scaled wings as well as new colored versions of the Y-Wing and X-Wing (Gold Leader) will be dogfighting as an exclusive for a retailer.

    Multi-packs to be released include themes from Naboo Final Battle, Pit of Carkoon, and Jedi Council (with Shaak-Ti).

    Another large 12" exclusive for Kaybee is also planned with the same pricepoint as the Gamorrean Guard...more details to follow.

    The Swami hopes you enjoyed this little sneak peak into the Galactic crystal ball. Swami wants to remind everyone that although we should all believe in the POTS (Power Of The Swami), nothing is guaranteed until Hasbro officially announces them!

    Well, if it ends up true, then I will be in heaven. Better Tie Fighter. Gold leader with X-Wing. And different colored versions of Y-Wings. Ewoks (yes). More sitting council members. This only makes my day. "Hall of Fame" Huh. If it was a a hall of fame they could have popular figures like Bibble and Mon. The glasses concept for Targets, sounds, well, I will hold judgment until I learn all the details. But I'm impressed with the figure line up. Oh and I almost forgot, Admiral Ozzel, yee haw. If this is all true next year will be incredible.
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    Sounds good. And most of those fit some earlier rumors we've heard. Ozzel and Dengar were pretty much locked in. Nice to finally see Sly Moore on the way. Since the figure has been sculpted since before E2 came out. 2004 is looking so bright, I got to wear shades.

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    That is good news, except for another Endor Han. Why do we need another one? Guess hasbro has to do something to irk us.
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    And still no Pilot Battle Droid, they were even in AOTC... Does Hasbro hate making Battle Droids, expseically Pilot one's?

    That is good news, except for another Endor Han. Why do we need another one?
    Yeah, when they could've made a Pilot Battle Droid instead.

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    Probably to make up for the crappy 2002 Endor Han. Since almost everyone disliked the figure, and he didn't come with his duster. And it looks like there will be an 'Endor' wave next year. So I'll bet we're going to get a Luke: Endor, Leia: Endor, and Han: Endor next year in a wave. Which will be great.

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    Everything sounds good to me. I can do without the Prequel stuff, but that's OK. I guess if the Cloud Car Pilot is coming, maybe the Car is too.
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    Another Tie-fighter? wait, didn't we JUST have one of those from KB toys? Can't hasbro do it right on the first place?

    Nice lineup though!! Thanks for the info!!
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    JMG- that was my reaction too!

    Great news about the rest of it though!
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    Sounds great. This seems like a strong line-up. Hasbro is great in non-movie years. Glad to see an accurate tie fighter coming up. Gold leader is just icing on the cake. Hasbro is getting very smart too, releasing NEW figures with glasses, so they won't sit. 2004 is looking better each day.
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    We're going to be forking out the big bucks right up until 2006 or 7 I guess. I was hoping things would slow down next year - fewer, better figures and items - but it doesn't look that way. They must have 40 figures for next year announced already. Crikey. At least they look like they'll be good ones.


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