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    A-Wing and 12" Leia with Speeder at Target stores

    Hi guys, I just bought a 12" Leia with Speeder Bike and saw the A-wing at a retail Target store. So go and get them!!
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    I already order mine online. Oh well. I guess I did not have to wait long to get them. I still paid the shipping. blah.
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    I got an A-wing yesterday at Target along with Secret Ceremony Padmé. It's pretty cool. I never had the old one, but did it come with electronics? There seems to be a battery compartment door glued shut. It's too bad that Hasbro still can't get the damn helmet correct, I mean honestly, watch the movie. The pilot looks like he's supposed to be Asian, even though he's a repainted Arvel Crynid.
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    I bought one yesterday and the pilot looked Asian to me too. Not that i mind that, i feel it makes this a better purchase. I also like his green outfit. That along with the pilots face helps keep my pilots from looking redundant IMO.
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    I found the A-Wing on Sunday 10/19. It was a different Target than what I normally go to. Wouldn't have been there but I was going to a housewarming party for a friend near there. I also saw a few of the Clone Trooper with Bike figures so I grabbed one of those too.

    The pilot with the A-Wing doesn't look that Asian to me, though the one in the movie that says "There's too many of them" sort of looks like it. Or is that what you were trying to say?

    I don't think the old A-Wing had electronics.


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    (None of these have come close to my Targets, fingers crossed)
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    I just got my 12" Liea w/speederbike at a Target store today. The A-Wing, I got in a trade with a fellow SSGer for the trash compactor sets. Now where am I going to put this?
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