View Poll Results: How do you feel about the new Animated-Style Clone Wars Figures?

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  • They look great! I can't wait to buy these!

    112 30.94%
  • They're OK. I'll get them to be a completist.

    60 16.57%
  • I'll wait and decide when I see them in person.

    90 24.86%
  • I'm not interested and will pass on these.

    100 27.62%
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    I voted "they look great"

    I'm always interested in something a bit different and I enjoy the animated style of figures from other lines like Batman and The Justice League so I'm eagerly anticipating getting these.
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    Thumbs up

    I think they look really great! Put's the "toy" back in the toys, if you know what I mean. While I like the regular line of figures for what they are, they're more of a "statue" display item in my mind, whereas, like the Playskool stuff, these Clone Wars figures have that playability feel about them. Can't wait!

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    Im not sure... all they DO look good for I think are satutes. I do think they have much "playablity", if you know what I mean, that is unless they realese many more figs; like a clone. (Sorry but I dont think you can have too many adventures with a Mace and Anikan) I still think that most of us will not be able to find these.
    Oh yeah, does anyone no what package they will be on...?

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    They look "ok".I do not like the style of Anakin and Obi-Wan,far too cheesy in my opinion.However,Mace and Asajj look great,I'll be picking those up for sure.

    Hopefully,Hasbro will release a Clonetrooper or even a Yoda in a animated style.Would have been far better than ANOTHER Anakin&Obi-Wan.
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    There's a thread in the Clone Wars section with links to Wave 2: Durge, Dooku, a Clone Trooper, and Yoda - pictures!!!

    I might just cave and get these.

    I'm betting they will be $3.99 each or less. It fits my idea of what Hasbro's marketing strategy will be.
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