How do you feel about the new Animated-Style Clone Wars Figures?

I think they're kind of cool, but I don't plan on buying them right now.

It would help me to know if they are articulated more like Aayla Secura and less like Luminara Undulli. It'd add to the coolness quality I see in their sculpts.

I don't really want to start collecting a whole new line, and I'm not sure I'd count these if I was trying to be a completist.

But the Playskool line hooked me on their cuteness factor, as well as having durability, minimal parts that could be lost, and especially those warped vehicles.

To tell the truth, I'd have wanted more Playskool stuff, rather than these.

Also, as an Expanded Universe fan just dying for more EU characters from the story sources outside the films, I'm not sure that more of the same main characters, and a singular EU character (Ventriss) who already has a sculpt, needs more variations when Quinlan Vos, Villie, some Yuuzhan Vong, and the Solo Jedi do not even exist.

Still the animated-style figures are different, and well-sculpted to look like the art we'll be seeing on the cartoon show, so I'll stay open to the possibility that I'll want these.

I'm on the fence right now and will wait to see both the figures as well as the cartoon series.

How about you?