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    Angry Wanna know what i hate?

    Ya there's lots of things to get mad at for me, but tonight I hate the dumb**** (fill in the blank on that one) who likes to pull the fire alarm in my college dorms at 4:00 in the morning so that everyone wakes up, goes downstairs, stands there for a minute, and I can't go back to sleep and it is now 6:15 and I'm up reading my Star Wars forums. Why is pulling a fire alarm funny? (was that a run-on sentence?)
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    Yeah, it sucks, but standing outside at godawful hours of the morning listening to that annoying sound is an undergrad tradition at all campuses. I always suspected the fratboys, myself.
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    So... stick a piece of gum or vaseline in the levers. It won't render the alam mechanisms inoperable but it sure will give him a surprise.
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    Me too. Makes me vomit.

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    I hate when people don't use their turn signals while driving. I also hate when people tailgate me. Also, I hate when people will pull off of a side street right in front of me rather than waiting until I pass, and then they drive slower than the speed limit.
    Also, I hate ignorance in general, and also the lack of courtesy and basic human decency that seems so prevalent in society nowadays.
    There are no people that I hate, though I do hate a lot of the things that a lot of people do.

    There is more which I may choose to share at a later date. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to rant! :happy:

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    What I hate is when I am in Wal-Mart, Target, etc and it never fails: it doesn't matter what I want to get to and look at, there will be someone or a group of folks standing around talking or whatever blocking the aisle. The day, time, whatever does not matter, whenever I go in there it is bound to happen.
    It isn't as bad on the toy aisle necessarily for me, but it is where the cards are. Since the pokemon and yu gi oh cards are placed in the same spot where the football cards are, I have to fight through a hoard of younglings just to get a pack of upper deck football.
    Just part of being in public sometimes.
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    Hey bobajames, we had one of those last year the night before the Michigan game and it turned out to be a real fire on the 11th floor. I came out of my room half naked and dazed. It was from being asleep, I swear! I was never so cold standing outside in the morning hours.

    On a related note, we had a false one here Friday night, but that was around 9 or 10pm, so I was still awake and coherent enough to open the door, stand in the hall, and look normal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RooJay
    I hate when people don't use their turn signals while driving.

    So do I. I guess they're trying to conserve their "Flicker fluid."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakin2121
    So do I. I guess they're trying to conserve their "Flicker fluid."
    I've noticed that most of these people seem to already have their hands full whilst talking on their cell-phones, and thus do not have a free finger with which to flick their signals on.


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