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    McFarlane NFL Figures

    Does anyone else here on the forums collect the McFarlane NFL figures? If so, you know how difficult it is to find these things. First of all, around here in Raleigh it seems there is nothing on the shelves except for the baseball and the basketball. When the series 6 NFL figures were scheduled to be out in stores, I made an all day toy run across half the state looking for them. It seems like every store had the same story. It was either they were sold out or they didn't order any. They are highest valued McFarlane sports figures out there and yet no one seems to keep them in stock. Ebay has them going for 3 or 4 times face value.
    Anyway, does anyone else here collect them? If you do, what is the distribution like where you live? Which ones do you have?
    For me I dont have many. I have Wayne Chrebet, Curtis Martin, and Chris Weinke. I have already ordered a case of series 7 because I am not even going to try fighting for them in the stores. Series 7 looks to be the best series made so far. You have Brett Favre, Michael Vick, Chad Pennington, Julius Peppers, David Carr, Clinton Portis, and Jeremy Shockey.
    As far as series 6, the main ones I have been looking for are Priest Holmes, Duce McCallister, and the Rich Gannon variant in the Chiefs uniform.
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    Heh... yeah, those NFL McF figs are pretty scarce around here too. They fly off the shelves as soon as they are put out while the MLB, NHL, & NBA's sit & collect dust. Kinda shows you what Americas true pastime is huh?

    Being a 49er fan, I only have a Garcia & Owens (wish I had a 49er Rice...). But I look for 'em for a buddy of mine that collects all of 'em. I just found him a Gannon in Chiefs uniform at for $35. Pretty pricey, but I think that's the chapest you'll ever see it (outside of retail anyways).

    Almost been tempted to pick up a Priest Holmes for investment

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    At this point any of the newer football McFarlanes are a good investment, given their scarcity. For $35, that Gannon variant you picked up was a good deal. Any variant is usually worth 3-6 times what the normal figure is worth. In fact, there are a few variants that are just ridiculously rare and worth a ton, like the "snowy" Tom Brady, the Emmitt Smith in the Cowboys uniform (all the series 6 Emmitts were in his Cardinals uniform), and Brett Favre in the Falcons uniform.
    Good luck finding that Jerry Rice in the 49ers jersey. Ebay has them, but they are pricy. Go figure.
    Right about now I am not too far from ordering an entire case of series 7. The main one I want is the Pennington since I am a Jets fan, but I also want a Julius Peppers and a Michael Vick.
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    Thanks man, good luck to you on your Pennington hunt too. I've given up on the Rice variant at retail a long time ago. Seen it a few times at a local collectors convention, but they want at least $120.00 for it (ouch!). Hell, I didn't even know they made a Favre Falcons variant. That's pretty interesting, I wonder how many other variants there are out there?

    Buying the case is probably a good idea if it's for a fair price. My buddy had to pay $50 just to get a regular version Vick. That's just insane!!!!

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    Only one I have is James Jackson because I'm a Cleveland fan.
    I rarely see these figures around and I really regret not picking up the Favre I found last year (or whenever I found him).

    They're doing variants in their old uniforms? That's AWESOME ! Too bad I'll never find them . . .

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    Yes, Todd McFarlane is putting players in their old uniforms. He is such a sneaky bastard, yet people like me keep coming back for more of his merchandise. He has done Rich Gannon in the chiefs, Emmitt Smith in the Cowboys, Favre in the Falcons, and most recently he has reversed and taken an old Stephen Davis sculpt and put him in his Panthers outfit. This guy just keeps collectors on their toes. Then I dont even need to get into other wacky stuff he has done, like Wayne Chrebet without a helmet, or Marshall Faulk with two left arms, . But anyway when series 7 comes out at the end of this month, there is no telling what he will throw in there. It's going to be interesting to see.
    Oh, and by the way, when his series 5 NBA comes out, Lebron James and Yao Ming are going to be in there. I imagine those variants are going to be insanely high priced.
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    I just started collecting them a few months ago.

    I have:

    M. Vick
    R. Moss
    J. Rice
    P. Manning
    E. James
    M. Harrison
    W. Chrebet
    J. Bettis
    S. Davis
    A. Thomas
    C. Martin
    J. Sehorn
    M. Brunell
    T. Gonzalez
    R. Williams
    D. McAllister
    P. Holmes
    R. Gannon
    J. Harrington
    E. Smith (cards)
    D. Bledsoe
    M. Alstott
    T. Brady
    S. Alexander

    I am probably going to order a case myself, as Vick will be impossible to find here in Atlanta. I had a lot of luck finding NFL 6 at Gamestop.
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    i never find any variants at retail and so i have only this modest collection:

    ricky williams
    favre/urlacher 2 pack

    i really regret passing up urlacher and tomlinson

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    I only buy the Chicago Bears, and I couldn't find Urlacher anywhere except at coillector shows for around $100, same as on eBay. Maybe if the Bears keep stinkin up the place, I'll be able to pick one up at a much cheaper price as his value drops. I picked up a Favre for my brother who is a Green Bay fan.

    I also have the following:

    Anthony Thomas (Bears)

    Kerry Wood
    Sammy Sosa (Many)
    Mark Prior

    Jocelyn Thibault (Blackhawks)

    I know this is about the McFarlane NFL figures, but I don't see them making to many more of the Bears anytime soon. The team will be lucky to reach 3-13 this year.

    Anyone have an extra Urlacher they would be willing to part with? PM me
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    That's one heck of a lineup you have there Lando. Any of those variants? All of a sudden I am feeling left out because I only have 3 of the NFL, 1 of the NHL, and 1 of the baseball. I had a friend who saw the first Michael Vick (it was a variant) and he passed on it. When he finally realized his utter stupidity for not getting it, he went back to the store and it had already been snatched up. He still beats himself up about it to this day.
    As far as the NFL 7 series that will be out soon, I have 2 buddies of mine who broke down and ordered whole cases. I told them both the main one I had to get was Chad Pennington. Second on my list would be Julius Peppers. I figured if they would part with the Vick I would definately take it, but beggars can't really be choosers since they are buying the cases.
    McFarlane's website posted what the Super Bowl exclusives will be this season. These are the ones only available at the NFL experience at the game. Since the game is in Houston, they two figures will be David Carr and Eddie George in the retro Houston Oilers uniform. I am sure the George will be on ebay that very day.
    Good luck to everyone finding their figures.
    If there are any particular ones anyone is looking for, feel free to post them here. I imagine it is harder to find players for local teams, so perhaps we all could help each other out and see what we have in our respective areas.
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