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    What rehashes would you like to see

    This is kind of funny because I am always outspoken against any rehashes. I just never thought it made sense to rerelease a figure that was supposed to be an exclusive since it is usually done in a worse likeness than the original.
    We usually list new figures that we would like to see made, but I got to thinking on the subject and there are some rehashes I would buy if they were ever done.
    First and foremost for me would be a better Boba. I would love to see him done in the Ultimate Jango style. Just as Jango had 2 different packs and sets of gauntlets, Boba could have his ESB and ROTJ armors -- and especially the 2 different guns he used. I would want 2 of them so I could display one with the ESB figs and one with the ROTJs.

    Other than that, and depending on how well the upcoming biker scout does, I think rehashing the imperial soldiers would be a great idea.
    The stormtrooper has not been seen in a long time and could be vastly improved to make it more realistic. Isn't the stormtrooper one of the "core characters" hasbro always says they must produce in every wave? Then give us an improved version!
    The same could go for the sandtroopers. In fact, they could just make one with all the different pauldrons (were there 4? orange, white, grey, black). That way, people could buy as many as the liked and interchange the pauldrons to their liking. Again, this would have to be a better proportioned figure with more realistic armor. I would buy at least 4 of them.
    How about that Royal Guard? I loved the version that came in the emperor 2 pack even though I hate the transparent visor. This guy was so cool it's just a shame he was never released individually. With a black visor and better fitting helmet I think he would sell well. I wouldn't mind having 6!
    My final choice for rehashes is Chewbacca. They never have got this guy right. The teddy bear style didn't work, and even worse was the horrid plastic version. I love the real fur idea, but it has to be done as a body suit over an articualted body that can actually stand up! Furthermore, we can't have a 12 or 13" Chewie, we need him to be at least 15". If done right he could be sold at a higher price since he would be larger. I would just love to have a Chewbacca that could actually wear the masterpiece take-apart 3po on his back.

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    15" Chewie sounds real good.
    Boba Fett
    I missed the last Vader(my wally worldonlygot them once) so a Vader would be cool for me

    Cant thinkof any more right now
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    I'd like to see NO REHASHES. The 12" line has not even begun to make all that is nearly available. They are doing too many rehashes as it is. 12" Han in Lando wave. 12" Luke and Biker Scout in Ewok Wave. Jawas in Garindan Wave. Where's lando in General, Barada, Weequay.........

    I guess you can see where my opinion is coming from.
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    At some point rehashes will be more of an interest from the fans as the movies wind down. I think when all is said and done I'll be interested in seeing a resculpt of the earlier 12" releases. Heck, we're already approaching 10 years since the release of the first Stormtrooper and other than that awful sculpt we haven't had a decent version released State side.

    As gtrain29 said, I think the Ultimate version of the more popular figures would be welcome. I don't want just a new body or head I want the whole package deal to be different. Give us a new body, sculpt, accessories, paint version, etc. Boba Fett would be a perfect first canidate for this treatment.

    I also agree with you Jaff, we have a long list of other figures we'd like to see made first but still the idea of a properly made figure of some of the most popular characters is tempting.
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    Boba Fett
    Ep 2 Obi-Wan (I hated his facial hair paint)
    Ep 2 Anakin (I hated the head on both versions)
    Vader w/ more articulation
    ANH Leia
    Bespin Luke w/ better outfit and headsculpt
    R2 w/ more tools!

    And we gotta get rid of these crappy bodies and giant heads. And more accessories per figure!

    I have a ton of "never done" figures on my list that I'd like to get as well though.
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    Ep1 Battle Droid (In Red AOTC finish)
    Super Battle Droid (with corrected firing arm)
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    Stormtroopers, Sandtroopers, Boba Fett and Rebel pilots but to the quality & detail of the Japanese SW figs. I'd like to see the armor fit snugly and see more points of articulation like the 12" figs from Dragon & 21stC.

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    Yeah, I don't have a problem with what you're saying, Jaff. However, since hasbro insists on doing rehashes with every wave, I just think they should make them worth our while.
    The CS Luke Jedi was perfect; there was no reason to make 2 more versions. The CS Han was okay, but the new one is just plain awful. The same goes for most of the other rehashes as well -- they don't make any sense!
    I, too, have a huge list of new figures I would like to see produced, but since hasbro is going to do rehashes whether we like it or not, I wish they'd improve these "core" characters they talk about that weren't that great in their first releases.
    Making a new luke jedi or han makes no sense since they were good the first time around, but we never got a good chewie or stormtrooper so why not use one of them as the core character in the wave. Plus, there's a lot more potential to selling multiple stormtroopers than there is for Luke jedis.

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    Army Builder 12" is much more desired than other figs, I'm just stubbornly anticipating a full new wave of figs from the classic trilogy. We haven't had that since the Zuckuss (awsome) wave. I say deny impulses to buy rehashes, and force Hasbro to focus on making all new figs, then after a short time we start begging for rehashes. Right now they make about 9 new classic 12" a year + exclusives. So far this year, and upcomming we have:

    Plo Koon
    Han Solo
    Lando in Skiff
    AT-ST Driver
    Gamorrean Guard
    Speeder Bike with Leia
    Luke in Jedi
    Yoda with Council Chair
    Biker Scout
    Classic Obi-Wan

    That's 8 new figs (2 prequel, 6 classic), and 5 rehashes. The rehashes beat the ratio for new prequel figures, and almost match the new classic ratio. It stuns me, but it's marketing. Hasbro is extending the line because I believe the 12" will outlive the 3 3/4 line after Episode III is done. Why do I say that, it will be a very long time at 15 to 20 a year (including prequels) to even make enough figs for us to see a BoShek, or Wuher. Here is last years list.

    Anakin Skywalker
    Clone Trooper
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Mace Windu
    Yellow Clone Trooper
    Red Clone Trooper
    Ki-Adi Mundi
    Jango Fett
    Count Dooku
    Zam Wessel
    Super Battle Droid
    Luke Skywalker with Tauntaun
    Imperial Officer
    Geonosian Warrior
    Anakin Skywalker (screaming tatooine)
    Padme Amidalla
    Boushh with Carbonite Block

    Okay this list is from a movie year so naturally a lot of new prequel 12 inch were made. Of a total there were 19 12" figs made. 14 were from the new movie, but what was most suprising is of the figures just introduced there were 3 rehashes that year (Yellow and Red Clone Trooper, and Anakin {Tatooine}. There was also a Mace that was a rehash that did not even stand up to the original. The Classic films had 5 new 12" made. Of the five only 3 were new. The ratio for new classic is identical to this years, however if you count the tauntaun and that ugly carbonite block there were more rehashes then new figs, of course I don't count the tauntaun and Carbonite because I count only packaged pieces.

    I guess I'm just debating that we buy these rehashes, thus encouraging Hasbro to make more by doing so. Have you noticed that a Jango Fett 3 3/4 fig has not been made for over a year since Jango Pilot. That's because we have not bought many of them (although I did) and they have clogged shelves. We send them a message, they recieved it, and now most of the 3 3/4 stuff is mostly new for the next 4 or 5 months. A case to this point is all the Anakin rehashes, plo-Koon, Ki-Adi, Dooku, and countless Mace variations.

    I guess in the end if you asked me what figs I would like rehashed I'm reluctant to say because rehashes for the classic line are almost literally more dominant than new figs, but to honor your post topic I would say a new Chewbacca would be cool. Still I'd hate to see it announced because of the trend. Anyways I enjoy debating this topic so if you have some good insights or want some more study on this topic I'm all yours (internetly speaking of course).
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    When you present the numbers that way, it really is sickening to see how much resources hasbro wastes making already-produced figures.

    What really made me the angriest was when I had worked so hard to pick up every CS exclusive only to see the them come out later (usually inferior in quality) to every store -- except bib and ds gunner.
    I have never bought a rehash that I can think of, yet hasbro keeps making at least one in every wave -- now it looks like 2 or 3 to a wave in the coming waves. That's why I just came to the conclusion that they must sell well or else hasbro couldn't keep this up. Also, I can't understand how a wave as great as the dengar/zuckuss/imp has clogged up shelves for so long. Those are 3 completely new and very high quality figures, yet they didn't seem to sell well.
    So I figured maybe hasbro is right, and they have to make rehashes with every wave to keep the line alive. Therefore, I wanted a compromise that maybe they could make rehashes that actually make sense as I listed previously.
    Tell me if I'm wrong, because I don't want to be right about the above. Before this, I always thought hasbro did rehashes because it was cheap & easy, and for some reason all the collectors bought them up. But when I look at shelves, I don't see that disgracefull 2nd anakin they made and the new han, terrible as it is, can't hit shelves fast enough. Yet, Dooku, SBD, Dengar, Zuckuss, and Imp Officer remain. As great as the ATST driver is, it will probably suffer a similar fate, too.


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